Hey Mommies! What baby item did you use the most, what did you use the least?


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Jamie Jung - posted on 11/22/2011




Bassinet the least....(use a pack and play)
Bumbo, bouncy seat, the most....babies get tired of always laying down so these provide entertainment and new way to relax. :) Good luck!

Tawnya - posted on 11/20/2011




I use a boppy pillow the most. The one from Wal-Mart has a way to strap them in. I used the carriers the least. They were too hard to use.

Bernadette - posted on 11/20/2011




my kids both loved their jumperoo.

I HATE our padded high chair, it is so disgustingly dirty and almost impossible to clean with all the creases in the padding. It's not really machine washable, although I have done if a few times. It's making the lining start to tear out of it though. And it takes up so much space in our very small dining room. And, the attached table is way too high. My daughter could hardly see over it when she was a baby, and when she was old enough to start learning to feed herself she couldn't because even then it was too high for her. She wouldn't be able to see over the top of the bowl so trying to reach in with a spoon to feed herself was just impossible. Now my 7 month old son is using it, and it is so unhygenic and I hate putting him in it. Also, I have to wrap up some books in a towel and put them in there for him to sit on. I have chosen a new one which I am picking up this week. It is a chair-top booster seat, but designed like a high chair with the shaped seat, attached tray, etc. It has three different height adjustments, and straps on around the seat of the chair, and also around the back to make it stable. It has fabric padding (rather than the "wipe clean" plastic stuff) so it's machine washable, and the tray also detaches so once he no longer needs the tray it can be taken off to use as a booster seat at a regular table. With the adjustable heights, he'll be able to use it until he is tall enough for a regular chair. And it folds up, complete with a carry bag, for taking out or to other people's houses, on holidays, etc. I can't wait to get it! And also, because it sits on the regular chair, it doesn't take up any extra space so great if you've only got a small dining area. Our high chair is also just too big to push in to the table, so it really gets in the way.

If there is one thing I would recommend to anyone when buying a high chair, DON'T get the really padded "wipe clean" ones, because they don't just wipe clean, they collect food in all the creases and are impossible to really get clean. Sure, they look so much more comfortable than unpadded ones but really, it's not like you leave the baby sitting in there for hours at a time. They are in there for meals and that's it. If it's really uncomfortable, put a folded up towel or something in there to sit on/lean back against. Or if you can find one, get one with a fabric machine washable cover. And make sure the tray doesn't come up to your baby's chin!

User - posted on 11/19/2011




I use the highchair the most he's almost 3 and still using it and we used the bath tub the least to cumbersome

Susan - posted on 11/15/2011




not a group i fall into but it showed up on my list thing so i figured i post. I have a 20 month old so now everything for babies is kinda useless to him lol but when he was younger the 3 things i couldnt live without was: the swing, rainforest exersaucer (it bounced too so no need for a jumperroo) and his johnny jump up (i know alot of people dont like those think they are dangerous or w.e but my son loved jumping and swinging in it).. With my daughter who is four months the things i cant live without are her bumbo, bobby pillow, (she loves to nap on it) and her bathtub (she loves the water and screams for a bath). She hates the swing. Point proved that all kids are different lol.

Arielle - posted on 11/13/2011




The swing has been invaluable! All throughout this past 6 months it's value changed from entertaining, keeping safe, soothing, and helped her to stay asleep. we've loved her baby einstein jumperoo "tinker station" as she got bigger.

The sound machine we used the least. i guess the music and noises didn't do a whole lot for her. she really loves my old wind up music box/teddy bear though!

Colleen - posted on 11/11/2011




For my daughter it was pacifiers and her swing. for my son it was/is his bassinette and his Lion Heart (Bumbo) with tray and toy. I use it to sit him in while I cook and clean, I also use it as his highchair to feed him. he absolutly LOVES it.
and for both of them it is my graco quattro tour duo stroller. LOVE IT!!
ALL babies are different. and the HAVE to HAVE things can change weekly.

Dora - posted on 11/10/2011




My bobby pillow was a life saver. Not just for breast feeding but hanging out with my little cuties. I NEVER used the baby bath robe that someone got me for my shower. USELESS.

Teresa - posted on 11/09/2011




my 5 month old loves his bouncer and didnt care for the swing that much... he will sit in that bouncer and get that going will it vibrates...

[deleted account]

Washers as burp cloths! So many clothes, that are easy to get on and off.
I didn't use clothes that were hard to get on or off (like those dumb bonds easy suits)!

Kristin - posted on 11/03/2011




Other than the obvious (diapers, burp clothes, gobs and gobs of clothes!), the pack and play and the bouncer (by far) the most. He didn't like the swing and the baby bjorn was super uncomfortable. Later we bought an ergo carrier and he got more use out of that one.

Katie - posted on 11/03/2011




We use my sling the most. myles spends a majority of his time in there, to the point where my two year old wears it around the house now with his "babies" (stuffies) tucked inside. The thing we used the least is a tie between the bassinet and the change table. He hated the bassinet and only started going three hours between feeds at night so he ended up sleeping with us until a few weeks ago. And I just change him where ever, so the change table goes unused.

Shante - posted on 04/26/2011




all three of my kids loved thier bouncers, I actually didnt buy one with my first because I didnt think he would like it, but I borrowed a friends, and my son LOVED it...it was perfect when he was really tiny to put him in it while we ate dinner, the vibrating totally soothed him and then as he got older he played with the toys. So I bought a used one when I had my second and she loved it. My baby is just about outgrowing it at 6mos, but I still put him in it a few times a week and he likes every minute of it.
The funniest thing about it is that my middle child (who is 20 months now) LOVES to sit in it and uses it as a chair regularly. My 4yr old even gets in it now and then. They think it is such a comfortable chair.
Also, I think a changing table is a must, and the other thing that i seriously couldnt live without is the special rear-view mirrors in my car so I can see my baby when they are sitting rear facing.
I NEVER used a sling or anything like that even though I had a few, just never found them practicle, and I never used my packnplay either...the one we got for a shower for my oldest has been used probably a total of 10 times between my 3 kids.

User - posted on 04/25/2011




We definitely used the bouncer seat the most as the baby could sleep in it or just sit in it and because it was raised it was better for digestion. portable as well! We used the brand new glider chair and ottomen less than 5 times. I agree get a recliner you'll get more use out of it

√v^√v^√♥ - posted on 04/25/2011




everything seems to come in phases.... before he outweighed it, we used his travel playpen/crib religiously. Then got a crib because at 5 months old he weighed 23 pounds and was bowing it :( I still love the versitility of it though. For 70$ (on sale) ours came with a diaper holder on the side, a changing area, a baby cot/sleeper and a upper level for when they are young too. I LOVE this thing still, and am saving it for the next kid. Also, I use it on the lowest level stripped of all these things now in the kitchen, so my son can play safely while I clean and cook.

The next best thing is his Luv U Zoo Jumperoo. A total blessing. He will jump in this thing for HOURS! Seriously, totally worth the 89$ (Babies R Us usually has a 20% off sale, but I noticed Wal mart sells it for what the coupon comes out to) other than that, our son outgrew his swing at 4 months old by just being too big. We loved the swing up until this point too..... but they all have a max weight limit of 25-30 pounds and when he started kicking around 3-4 months old, the swing quit swinging. Sucks. I'd also have went with a plug in swing because when the batteries run out, I just never want to pay 8$ for them.

I also bought a play mat for 30$ and he used that for a month or two when he was younger. The toys on it were his favorite and he still loves it. So i think that was a good investment too...

The least, is our rocker. I got it for 30$ used, it works great but it glides and never put him to sleep. There's nothing wrong with it, but it just never worked for us. I think having a good rocker is almost a requirement, but I would go with something more like a used LazyBoy next time. Craigslist and find one used for 50$ or something, one that rocks and reclines if baby falls asleep. Ours just is lame or something lol

Also, I got 2 sets of bottles from the baby shower. One is the Playtex Drop ins which we LOVE and live by.. the other are Soothie system which my boyfriend and I both agree we love more because of the set up..... but it is just really hard for him to get food out of and he is a big eater so if there is any struggle between him and his food he just cries and won't have it. So I would say this set of bottles has been totally useless. We're hoping that a little later when he can use sippy cups, we can use them (maybe make the holes a little bigger) when traveling and out.

I definiatly recommend a jumperoo as they do all the same things as the exersaucers, but they bounce too!

Chany - posted on 04/25/2011




We use lansinoh wipes the most, he gets a terrible rash if we don't. Well least is a toughy, crib, packnplay, swing, bouncer, and boppy. He's a very simple baby:)

Callie - posted on 04/18/2011




We used his swing the most, he would sleep in it at night, nap in it during the day, and play in it throughout the day. He used his bassinet like 2 times.

Louise - posted on 04/18/2011




I used my play pen/travel cot the most. It came everywhere with us if we visited anybody and if we went away we knew she had a safe place to sleep. I also used it as a time out pen when she was about 18 months and somewhere to put her whilst I had a shower. I certainly had my monies worth with that.
I used a bumboo the least my daughter did not like sitting in it and just slumped to the side all the time. That was a waste of money.

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