Old Fashion Parenting - Moms.

Do you watch the children of today and think WTF?????? why are kids talking back more? why do they seemingly run everything right from the get go??? I still believe in guidelines aka RULES!!! and here's one for the parents of today... punishment!!!!


old fashione spankin mom here

hello, was wondering, what would you say makes you old fashioned? for me its that I parent, and refuse to let my kids be disrespectful and bratty lol feel free to msg me if u like



Hello what due other moms due when thier kids are naughty lets chat and exchange idea's


Welcome to old fashion parenting!!

This new age parenting, i do see some strong points, but at the same time When ever i hang around my kids school and watch the way the kids demand things from thier parents. Or...



I am new to this site but you can say I am old fashion mom too means I am also pro spanking mom I have 3 children two girls who are 8 and 11 both still spanked they maybe get 1...


Anyone seeking discipline advice?

hello, if anyone could use advice on this important topic, id be glad to talk with you. I have experience through my church as well as my own parenting. i know how tough things...



I have a problem with my 4 year old son when he does not get his way he bites I think some you might have dealt with this as well when he bites I spank every single time but...


To much Tv

My 9yr. old is addicted to Tv. we have been fighting this for an entire school year. Now we just took her tv out of her room and punished her from the other tv's in our house....