Older women married to younger men how do you all feel with a 15 year age difference

My husband is 28 and I am 45 I look 30 now but he looks 18 so no matter what I will always look older. He could care less about it and the age difference. We dated for 2 years before he found out my age only on the marriage license he learned and was shocked but did not care just thought there was no way possible. He adores me and treats me like he is going to lose me every day. He said women his age are thoughtless, selfish and very childish he had always wanted an older woman and a home to have a family. He is making me younger and I am helping him grow. But my only issue is my handsome now I mean handsome Husband looks 18 he has a baby face, and Men will think he is my son and women will think this as well. And can causes problems while out together we both get approached as if we are not a couple even when we are showing affection. Men disrespect him and younger women snicker. He does get upset I could careless one thing I learned I can not make him love me, he will stay if he wants to and leave if he doesn't. He loves my confidence and that I am not insecure about us, I said when a woman does what she is supposed to and shows her husband love, if he leaves well he wasn't mine. I am far from jealous and he loves that. He is very protective and a leader in our relationship and I love that. How can I age him a few years, he has no facial hair but a small and I mean small beard and he has grown up in regards to his attire. But I am in great shape and still fit in Juniors but dress as a mature woman not his age. I am modern and very into fashion so I do keep myself up. I know this should not be an issue but I see the look on his face when a man steps in front of him to offer to buy me a drink and if My son wanted one too. Or when someone will say oh that boy that was just in here. One time a couple of guys were just pushing him and he is very calm but will protect me till death so to change the mood I just started making out with him and talking so dirty about all I wanted to do to him when we got home and he was so turned on he forgot the guys. Any suggestions share you stories. I love my husband and do not want his ego hurt, he has always felt he did not deserve me and we find it fate we met and love at first sight and total attraction to each other. I have a 22 year and a 14 year old and a 5 year old from a prior marriage to some one around my age who was cruel not affectionate and it was so selfish about everything sex, watching TV together he never asked me about how I was? Did I eat today or did I want a back rub. I come home to a bath run some nights There are roses petals in the bathtub and candles and a clean house and that sexy husband of mine making everything about me for the night and he takes control in the bedroom and I love that. We will grow old together and he finds me more attractive each day I just hope one day my darling husband ages. http://www.circleofmoms.com/?action_type=display_community_editor&trk=groups_pg#_