Only Child - Girl

I thought having a girl would be so much easier than having a boy. I was so wrong. There's no mani's and pedi's, no doing each others hair, no girl bonding time. I created this community for moms with a daughter who is an only child. I need to know I'm not the only one that is ripping her hair out trying to get though to this girl. I need to know how you did it or are doing it. I so badly want that bond with my daughter where we have fun, there's a mutual respect and there's less tears.


6 going on 16

Any one have an only girl child that is six going on 16? Granted she is smart and will pop up with things lilke "alliterration" or "precious memories" (not the figurines). I...

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Disrespectful to.....everyone!

My 7 year old's attitude has completely changed in the past 3 months. She's always been a bit bossy, she is an only child, but she'd listen to reason. I could reverse the roles...

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