OOPS, I did it again!

A group for those moms out there who have children 10years or more apart! The trials and tribulations of raising one child, and then turning back the hands of time to do it all over again. In today's society, things have changed, does raising a child change too? Do we as parents have to make changes? Or are good old fashioned values, and morals still overcome modern theory?


Welcome to the club!

You really don't have to stand alone in this. I know how hard it is to have a child at the age of 11, then find out your pregnant again after all this time. It's really like...


One Moves out, the other moves on!

Well, my oldest is moving out! She is 21, and moving in with her boyfriend of a year and half. I'm okay with this, I think? lol I get a little sad thinking my baby is grown up....