Operation Coupon Karma

Military commissaries overseas accept manufacturer cents-off coupons for up to six months past their printed expiration dates. That means that coupons that are useless to you can still save oversea military families some money. We are volunteer group donating grocery coupons that are unused and/or 3 months expired to assist our stationed overseas military families. We want to send to ALL those serving in the Armed Forces…so we can rotate each time, Navy then Army, etc. If this sounds like a program you are interested in, but are too busy to sort and add, we would be happy to take care of that for you. Please visit our blog at http://operationcouponkarma.blogspot.com/ Thank you again for your willingness to assist. And what a great way to help people outside of our immediate reach. Note: They can only accept regular manufacturer's coupons like from the newspaper inserts--no special "in store" coupons or internet printed coupons.


expired coupons

Hello! Is there any coupon clipping moms out there? I am collecting expired coupons for the military families and bases. If anyone has any that they would like to donate please...


Your blog

Hi La Donna- I love your site! This is such a wonderful idea and I will gladly participate. I assume that you or a family member is a veteran? If so, thank you for your...