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Okay Mamas. Let's talk cloth diapers. Let me know your favorite diapers and accessories. Include numbers of certain items you may need to not have to do laundry every single solitary day. :)


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Tiffany - posted on 07/29/2011




Well, I have around 45 diapers and I do do laundry every single solitary day, but that's because I have twin 9 month olds (and the messes are endless...not just the diaper messes). I use Bum Genuis Elementals (the organic line) and LOVE them. They are all in ones and adjustable. My boys were premies so for the first month I used 7th Generation disposables and then switched once they hit around 8 lbs and have been using them ever since. My boys are 9 months, at 20lbs and 22lb 10 oz now. They say they go from 8-35 lbs so they should get us through!

I started with Thirsties detergent but think 7th Gen or Earth's Best Baby work just as well and use those. You can subscribe on Amazon for the detergent of your choice to save a couple dollars. I reccomend disposable wipes. I have the reusable "Fuzzy Buns" wipes and "Happy Heiny Spray" and think it gave my boys a rash...Once yours starts solids you'll need liner. I registered for all my diaper care needs and was blessed to recieve it all as gits. has a universal registery where you can add items from any site. I used (tender loving cloth diapers) because she's just a local independant shop that does free educational seminars and so forth. Plus, she provides free shipping!

Nicole - posted on 01/22/2010




I use one size fits all pocket diapers. I bought them on ebay from overseas somewhere. They were relatively cheap and they work wonderfully. I haven't had any problems. They are called coolababy diapers. You can find many brands online though. I highly recommend the one size fits all pocket diapers. They have snaps to adjust the size. They have microfiber inserts, you can use one or two, depending on how much of a wetter your child is. The outside of the diaper is water-resistant.

I started using these diapers when my son was about six months, and am still using them at age two. I plan on using them for the next baby. They hold up well. I recommend using a dry pail with baking soda sprinkled on the soiled diapers for odor control. Machine wash and line dry, even in the winter. They will last much longer if you allow them to line dry and the sun will bleach any unwanted stains! I do a cold rinse cycle first, then a hot cycle with a drop of soap, then another cold rinse cycle with a cup of vinegar added. I have about 24 diapers and almost 40 inserts. I do laundry every 3-4 days. I also put a disposable diaper on my son at bed time so that helps. Otherwise I would have to get up during the night and change him. I also use disposables if we take long trips in the car...just a thought:0) I hope this is somewhat helpful!

Chelseaszidik - posted on 03/03/2009




My favorite cloth diapers are the chinese prefolds they are super absorbent and very affordable I bought a delux package that included the infant sized and regular sized diapers and covers (enough until she is potty trained) for $200 dollars.  I go through 5-6 diapers a day and wash every 4 days.  I am now using the bigger size.  I bought from katies kisses which is an online store.  In total I think I have 2 dozen large sized diapers and 6 large sized covers (buy the gerber kind they work the best even though they don't look like they do).

My favorite accessory is the snappi.  They have replaced diaper pins and are amazing. If you use prefolds you should look into these they are also cheap i think $2 a snappi and you need only 4 or so just in case you keep loosing the one you are using.

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