anyone have tips on keeping ur house clean?

Tara - posted on 05/23/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have two little ones and a 17 yr old at home. I clean everyday but it seems like 5 minutes after I am done they destroy some days it seems like all I do is clean any tips????


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Casey - posted on 07/07/2011




I know how you feel. With a boyfriend working 12 hour shitfs every day, 2 3 year old boys, and a 6 year old girl. I also feel like the cleaning and pickin up never stop. Ive learned to let the little things go. I only have the kids pick up before meal time and before bed. I dont worry if dishes dont get done that night. ( we rinse them off when we r done). Try not to worry if your house isnt perfect.
I had a hard time with this at first. So I made a list of what chorus I needed to do what day and stuck to it. Now I just pick a few things to do every day. Everything gets done about once a week and I dont worry if it doesnt.

Shawn - posted on 09/25/2010




I use big tubs for my kids toys. I rotate them every wk. My boys never get bored and its easy for them to help clean up the stuff. They just put it back in the tub. We also have basic routines. I have 1 day that I clean through our house. In theory, everyone is supposed to help but I do the majority. That's the day I clean bathromms, dust, vacuum ect. Then we have a daily chore list. One for my kids and one for my husband and I. My husband and I agreed that certain things like dishwasher empted reloaded, kitchen floor swept, ect. We have about 5 must on our lists. It doesn't matter who does them as long as they get done. We both work so we both pitch in. Kids have a list as well and they must do these things. It helped me focus once I knew what I had to do for the minumum to make our house presentable. It still isn't easy.

Katrina - posted on 07/15/2010




LOL I know exactly what you mean. I have a 4 month old and a 26 year old (my husband). I cannot seem to keep my house clean because of the 26 year old. I can come home and stuff is on the floor from one wall to the next. I have to hunt down baby bottles and wash them. I wont even use the same bathroom as him. I wish we had three so he wouldnt use the guest bathroom. I end up yelling at him every time I get home because my house looks a mess and 10 times out of 10 I was the one that picked up everything the night before. Just want to choke him GRRRRRRR!

Alison - posted on 07/01/2010




I love cleaning and helping others with it or giving them tips,only thing is I usually see there place first and then able to advise them.. If your 17yr old or little one's bring something out make sure they put away when finished.. If its toys then allow 1 thing at a time to play with.. if u have upstairs then make sure if anybody going up they don't go up empyted handed i.e if shoe's toys ect belong up there then that goes with them.. Same coming down dirty washing ect brought down and put in the correct place.. If you use a cup plate ect when finished with it wash it and dry put it away dont leave it sitting.. wipe work tops at the same time. When u get up in morning straighten the beds while ur up the stairs. lift any dirty washing ect and put it where it belongs.Get them all to do the same in there rooms. Give wee one's chore's and loads of praise to encourage them to clear up behind them a star chart with rewards at the end of it... I hope this is of use.. Am I right in thinking its ur children who is making the mess. If thats the case think they need to be made to clean up after themself not just when it suits them.. loads of praise might help them.. good luck x

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