Original Or Unique Songs and Stories For Children

Ok almost everyone knows "Little Red Riding Hood" Or "Jack and the Beanstalk" in many slightly different versions. We have all heard "Rock a by Baby". One thing I have loved doing since having my Son is looking for unique or original songs and stories to mix up story time! Changing the words to nursery rhymes to suit him or myself. My Mother is unintentionally great at doing this when she forgets how stories go. The one that I still remember is when she told my Son the tail of, "The Two Little Pigs" and forgot what the houses were made of. I have taken out and purchased lots of books with stories from around the world and other cultures! From Asian cultures to South American folktales my Son has heard stories and learned different morals from around the world. Then there are the songs I have made up when an idea has struck me. I'm sure many other Mom's have started with a sentence and ended up singing for 5 minutes about how wonderful their child is. Many popular books started as homemade books parents made to explain things to their own children. Book about potty training, where babies come from, how to be brave, and so many more topics. Wonderful stories with illustrations to back up you've explained to them. No matter if you're a younger or older parent, wealthy or poor, almost every library allows you to access some of the greatest tools you will ever have to raise smart, well adjusted, imaginative children!