Pagan and Proud Mom's

A group specificly for Mom's who are proud to be raising children to beleive in their own way. There are many paths to the door of the creator, this is ours.



I hope everyone has a blessed and magical Samhain


New to group

Blessed be sisters. I am new to the group. Love meeting others in the craft. Love And light )0(


Who is raising their child Pagan?

I'm becoming depressed. Where are all the other Pagan children? All of the conversations I have come across is Pagan Moms allowing their children to be raised Christian, even...


Hi all!

I am new here. My name is Penny and I have a 14 month old boy named Wyatt. Looking forward to talking to other Pagan mommies.


Trying this again...

How did everyone going about raising their children pagan? I'm a first time mom. My baby is only two months, but I want to teach her and her to expierience it. (I know there...


oh my god there is a site like this

i cant believe it finally i have a group of moms i might actually fit in with. i am kimberly i have an 8 month old baby. i have to consider myself a beginer, i have been...


Teaching Your Children

How are you teaching your child(ren) Paganism? Are you raising them in a specific Trad, or are you teaching a more general over view? What morals/ethics do you stress? At what...


How do you feel about blood cord banking?

I'm a bit torn on the issue, personally. As far as the benefits go, I think it's great. However, I think it goes against some of the things I believe in it is...