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Wiccan baby memory book

Does anyone know where I can buy or get printables to make a Wiccan themed baby memory book? I've searched several different ways, and can't find anything so far. Please help!

Started by Suicidesmoke420 on 10/17/2018 in Pagan And Wiccan Moms

Last update on 10/17/2018 by Suicidesmoke420


Teaching Children

Hello, We have 4 young children ranging from 2-10. 3 of them are mine 6,8, 10 and are curious about Wicca. My roommates daughter is 2 and my roommate is Christeo-Pagan but not...


what to teach young children about wicca

my name is Shaanhah and I am 23 I have one daughter her name is Piper. I love my religion wich i have been practicing sence i was 14 but I am finding it a littel hard on...



How do I calm my child at night. He is 1 and never goes to sleep at night. Always in the day and I never get sleep.



I was talking to someone the other day and they said their chiled had had something called a wiccaning? She said it was like a christaning. I have never heard of such a thing....



How does a Witch, wiccan, pagan, etc handle funerals? How do they handle funerals that are christianed? I would like to know or find out..


dealing with relatives

I was just wondering how some of you deal with relatives that are not comfortable with having a pagan in the family. My grandmother is not mad or anything but it seems like...


finding the time to reinvest

Trying to get through the day is hard enough. I have a four year old autistic son. I want to teach him all about our path; he's already got some great senses for things. I...


merry meet and blessed be

i am wiccan altho it has been yearz since i've actually practiced and my husband is agnostic. i thank the Goddess for all her blessingz upon my family but my husband doesn't...


Wiccan Mom in a Christian Family

Hi, I'm Rhianna, 22 years old, with a 20 month old daughter. I was raised in a VERY Christian family. While my mother didn't drag us (myself and my older brother) to church...


Places that want Pagan kids books?

Hello, My name is Lichen, and I am new to Circle of Mom's and this group. I had a hard time finding pagan kids books that I liked, so I made one! It's called "Wild Magic,"...


Pagan and Wiccan Community

Just because the majority of Pagans and Wiccans are solitary, does not mean we should be without the support and help of a community! Welcome! Megan


time for wicca

how do you find the time for spell casting and practising the craft with three young kids running around all the time. have tried to be consistant with all that i do, but i find...