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Shaanhah - posted on 05/27/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




I was just wondering how some of you deal with relatives that are not comfortable with having a pagan in the family. My grandmother is not mad or anything but it seems like every time she is talking to anyone in my family or her close friends she always points out to them three things Im a mom , Im a musician, and three that I am wiccan. Its like I have a label stamped on my for head or something. its not that Im ashamed but most of her friends are catholic or episcopalian so I have to spend ten minutes of a conversation explaining my faith. I wouldn't mind some tip on how to deal with this

thank you and Blessed Be )O(


Amanda - posted on 09/15/2011




My fiancee has done that a time or two. I explained to him the reason that many witches are still in the broom closet. I asked him if he would out someone who is gay, to which he replied with "no". I told him that he was outing me as a witch and I would appreciate it if he would allow me to use my own judgement on if I want that particual person to know my faith. If I am asked about my faith, then I give them a simple, bare bones explanation of "I practice a nature based religion very similar to what the Native American people practiced but with roots in Ancient Eurpoe." I take the time to answer any questions after that because how can we strive for tolerance if we do not educate the ones that want to know. I hope this helps!

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