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Ievy - posted on 08/30/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




i am wiccan altho it has been yearz since i've actually practiced and my husband is agnostic. i thank the Goddess for all her blessingz upon my family but my husband doesn't really understand my idealz. we have not baptized our children, but my son has gone with my husband aunt to her church a few timez. he was only one at the time tho and hasn't been in a long time. i was raised fully believing in the christian god but never felt comfortable with it. once i found paganism and more importantly wicca i discovered what my mind and body had been trying to tell me my whole life. and i felt at home. i would love to get back into practicing, and doing more tarot readingz as i was getting really intuned with it before life threw us a curve ball. and by that i mean having to move away from the only house i ever knew in FL to PA for work and a better life for our growing family. we've had our strugglez and i won't go into it all now. but we have our own apartment and have been here a year now. the place still lookz like we just moved in tho in a lot of roomz. my husbandz family, except for his mom and stepdad, are unaware of my belief. they wouldn't be too thrilled if they found out either.

neither my husband nor myself will force our idealz upon our children. nor do we try to on otherz. we will support them in whatever they decide to follow.


Margaret - posted on 02/09/2011




Hi, there! I realize it's been a very long time since this was posted but to let you know, I know what you mean. I get sidetracked from practicing due to the weird paths life takes. While it may not be a good excuse, that's what happens sometimes.

It's nice, because I always have that sense that Goddess is around and watching. And sometimes she likes to remind me in fun little ways.

If you want to get your children involved while you get back on your path, you can always do it in fun little ways like craft projects. :) Hope all is well.

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