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My husband and I have been trying to figure out how to make the nursery a safe place (spiritually speaking) for our soon to be little one. The only thing that we have done is hang a beautiful pentagram above the crib. Do any of you have suggestions of anything else to do for the nursery? We are first time parents, so we really feel lost.


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Shannon - posted on 08/02/2010




It also helps to hang a wind chime some were in the room it helps with keeping the room Cline of unwanted spirits b/c thy don't like the sound and it lets you know if there is any unwanted spirits are in the room....And it invites good fairy's to wotcha over the little one...hope this helps a little Mary met!!

Lyndsay - posted on 04/07/2010




I believe that the best way to cleanse any type of room is to open up the windows and let in some fresh air. All the impurities and evilness will go out the window, woosh!

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I also keep and nice chunk of rose quartz and tibetan quartz in her room. I have used smudge in her room (the smoke alarms are too sensitive) but regularly spray it with 'space clearing' and 'calm & clear' bush flower essences to get rid of any negative energy. You could also put a lovely little statue of Quan Yin in the room (pref facing the cot). meditated in the space and put plenty of protective and loving energy into it.

Sarah - posted on 01/22/2010




i carefully chose the colour (purple: healing, spirtuality, protection), swept and smudged the room.
i also hung a few charms above the door and her own broom on the wall.

Jennifer - posted on 11/30/2009




Well, you might try smudging with sage, or "sweeping" it out mentally with firm broom strokes in the air, or purifying with salt water and incense. We do this whenever we move into a new home. It might be a formal ritual way of ridding the space of other energies and associations, so it's fresh for your little one. Then, I'd decorate away with cozy, comfortable images and colors. We tie-dyed our first child's bedroom curtains, for example. (They fade fairly quickly in the sun, though.) But once your baby's presence has made it his or her own space, it'll feel more secure. Good luck!

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