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feeling societies pull

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I have a strong pull towards the pagan religions. The earth and her beauty are what keep me going sometimes. I find when I forget to look at the trees, clouds, listen to the birds...I feel down. I still have the ever embedded dread that since I am pulled towards "witchcraft" that the negative in my life is because I have turned from God. I don't think my parents would judge. We had a very nice conversation about how Jesus took his commune in the wilderness alone. I do admire those who have a large faith in Christianity basically because they are strong in their beliefs. I just wonder if they could look at me in the same way. There are times such as now...that I wish to do and teach my daughter a binding spell but fear that I could be screwing up her mind. My children already have difficulties with peers. I feel if I further went down this path that it could be detrimental to my children. Any advice???


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Corellia - posted on 09/12/2009




No, practicing another religion, even a pagan one, will not be detrimental to your children as long as you don't start doing things like in the movies. There are many ways to practice pagan religions, mine being WIcca. I simply keep my more fancy stuff in my bedroom (you don't want children playing with candles and other tools required in rituals) and there are many web sites and books that explains how you can be a "kitchen witch". Basically, you don't need a specific place to pray and practice your religion. As long as you are respectfull of your children's age (mine are 4 and 9), you are not arming them in any way. If they ask a question, just find a simple answer, for example, "Mommy, why are you praying in front of the candles in your room ?" answer: "it is my special way to pray to God. (or in some cases, Goddess)." Keep it simple for yourself and the children won't even notice. Trust me, it works at my place.

Betony - posted on 09/12/2009




Christianity teaches that it is wrong to believe in any other god. I know I went thru the same thing and my husband often asks me that same question. Here's my opinion. No GOD would turn someone away for believing that there are many gods. I feel as long as you believe in something and you are open minded and you ar true to yourself no GOD would turn you away. If you feel that the earth's calling embrace it. No one has a right to tell you what to believe in. Were the native americans wrong for their beliefs as well?? Do more research, try celebrating a sabbat. My household is very mixed where I am Wiccan, my husband was raised irish catholic, my children who are now 5 and 7 have been to all different kinds of churches etc.... I celebrate each sabbat with my family my husband doesn't mind. I amswer alot of questions for my daughters. They believe in God and the Lord and Lady. I will teach them as well as my husband will . They are not cunfused they understand there are many different religions out there, but they also believe that as long as they find comfort in one of those it is okay no matter what they chose as long as they believe in something and stay true to themselves it is okay. People who aren't educated in the Pagan religion are going to turn heads I have it happen to me all the time, I wear a sterling silver pentagram that my husband got for me and people are always glaring. And yes the questions come and accusations of me being a devil worshipper. But I just let it go and answer questions as best I can. People are misinformed about the Pagan beliefs and there fore what people dont know they are afraid of. So learn as much as you can, and explain to your children what wicca is they have books for kids just for that reason. Incorporate some of the sabbats and esbats into their lives make it fun. Start with something simple. Make a popcorn string and put it on your tree for yule. Carve a pumpkin for halloween.. I bet you have already done that it is a pagan tradition. Do not be afraid. I once was I always knew in my heart what path I was on but I was afraid to embrace for fear that people would hate me or think I was wrong, but I learned that I can believe in whatever I so chose, those people are wrong for making me have felt the way I did. And the old saying goes. Those who matter don't mind, and those that mind don't matter.

Amy - posted on 09/05/2009




The Goddess speaks, I know it as I have heard her voice. I know that I'm on the right path. I am 100% sure. When my Christian friends tell me they are worried for my soul, I tell them thank you it means so much to me that you are concerned for me. But I know they don't need to worry

Hillarie - posted on 08/21/2009




My best advice is to follow your heart. If you dont, if you live with fear of the unknown then you will never find that closeness to the Divine you seem to be seeking.

The Divine(how I describe God/Goddess/etc)knows us. They dont turn away because we follow a different path from the norm or how we were raised.They want us to be true to ourselves because then we are more true to them and our families and friends and fellowman.

Teach your children tolerance and a love of all religions(a way to respect them all). They will find their own path and if you arm them with tolerance then any nitpicking that may come their way(or yours)wont bother them.

[deleted account]

There are alot of Pagans who describe themselves as catholic pagans. the two are not mutualy exclusive (at least from a pagan perspective). Take what feels good and right to you and use that to guide you.

As for your children - just educate them on religions. Let them know what it is you believe and why. They will make their own decisions in the end anyway so its really important that they understand the decision before they make it. It may also help with their peers as much of the pressure is because they do not understand what pagan beliefs actually involve (eg no satan worshipping). If you feel that your practicing is causing them problems then just be discrete in your practice - you dont need to give it up.

Just a word of caution (especially given the universal law of three/karma/any other way you describe it) please be careful with the binding spells. Just be aware that whatever you put out there is what you are going to get back!

[deleted account]

Who/what is god/dess?? I see the faith crisis also. I decided to spring clean the way I practice the craft and made it a path that was meaning - full ( that was deliberate) to me. I share a quote from the Bhudda called the Kalama Sutra;
"Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it;
Do not believe in traditions simply because they have been handed down for many generations;
Do nnot believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many;
Do not believe in anything simply because it is found in written in your religious books;
Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers or elders;
But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conductive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it."
Spellwork and children is not a good idea as it may interfere with the child/ren's spiritual path. Prayeris more effective: Pray for their welfare and maybe for yourself if you need a hand as a Pagan Parent.
May these words be for the merit of all sentient beings and assist you towards a more meaning - full path for you.

Ludmilla - posted on 08/09/2009




I really wouldn't see the pull towards paganism as "turning from God". There are many , many paths to the Divine, just because you are on a different highway than someone else does not mean you won't get there.

My husband is Catholic, and I tell my children little things. We celebrate Christmas, but we exchange one little gift at Yule. She says good night to the Moon Lady. It's little things that matter

Raising children to be open minded is not always an easy task. While promoting one faith, are we putting down another? Spells are pretty much prayer with props. However, there is a big karmic force in play. Whatever energy you send out, you will get back times three. Good, or bad. Teaching a child a binding spell is not a good idea, depending on the age.

I would recommend "Wicca for Dummies". Sounds silly, but a good explanatory book.

And most of us haven't "turned from God". A lot of us just see God in a different way. Some of us see the Bible as a nice book with good fables. I personally think Jesus is a fabulous philosopher. It's the people that sour us about Christianity.

I believe what you are going through is a crisis of faith. Look around you, go to different churches, read different books. When you find the one that touches your soul, you'll know.

Blessings :-)

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