Pagan/Wiccan mothers chat

A place to meet other Pagan/Wiccan moms without fear of being judged unfairly. All faiths/beliefs are welcome here on the understanding this is a meeting place for Pagans/Wiccans and abuse will not be tolerated. This also means that there will be no abusing of other faiths by members. Intellectual discussion & friendly chat/advice regarding our beliefs are fine, but abuse will NOT be tolerated. Merry Meet & Blessed be )o(



merry meet all' My name is Adrienne but I'm better known as Red Wolf. i am a 21yr. old wiccan mother of two girls the goddess blessed us with and I'm certainly curious of all...


Tarot Joke

How many cards of the Major Arcana does it take to change in a light bulb? All of them: 0) The Fool has already started before anyone else is ready. 1) The Magician...


Beltane Plans with the kids?

MM everyone, Lovely to have found a group such as this! Is anyone planning on including their children in any Beltane activities? I am looking for some fun ideas. I do plan on...



Ok most of u will know me but for those who do not I am Karen i am 40yrs young have been with hubby for nearly 20yrs have 3 amazing kids who to this day still suprise me....


Yule Problems

My mother is a devote Christian. I am a devote Wiccan. I want my daughter to celebrate the eight Wiccan holidays as well as the major Christian ones, and let her make up her own...