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Cynthia - posted on 04/29/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




Before I begin, I'll just say that I do believe children (and animals) can be ultra-sensitive to spirits a lot of times moreso than adults.

First a little background on my home... So my boyfriend and I have felt for years that our house is "haunted". Although we have done paranormal investigations at other peoples' houses, I refuse to do one at my own... I'm not entirely sure why, but the thought of doing one in our house makes me feel nervous (maybe because I don't really WANT to know the whole truth?). But anyway... there has been a lot of indications of a ghost (at least one) in our home... Footsteps coming from upstairs when none of us (including our cats) are up there, countless visions of "shadow people" in a certain hallway (and in the 7 year old's room, which of course we haven't told her- the thought of ghosts freaks her out), a lot of unexplainable bangs coming from upstairs- one time we were up there in bed, and we have an attic crawlspace on each side of the upstairs, and from inside there, right by our heads came a series of loud bangs... etc.

Next, a little background on my friend's home... My friend and her husband own two homes, the one next door to the one they live in is abandoned- they let us do an investigation in their abandoned house just for practice when we were just starting out, we didn't actually think we'd leave with any evidence. But as we reviewed it, we did come up with one unexplainable evp. She also believes the one they live in is haunted (but won't let us do an investigation there, this kind of stuff freaks her out- which I find somwhat odd because she has a LOT of dreams about stuff that ends up happening). But anyway, the feelings she has about her house- A lot of it is just foreboding feelings in a hole-type attic thing they have (not sure if it's credible or if it's just a creepy attic), but a lot of it has to do with her 1 1/2 yr old son also. Keeping in mind his bedroom is near the attic hole, a lot of nights he will wake and she'll go in there, and he is always looking in the same corner- and he will point at it and babble.

Ok, now that we have that information... I've noticed a couple of strange occurances with my daughter (8 months old) in my house and my friend's. One time when we were over visiting my friend, my baby was laying on the floor playing... and all of a sudden stopped what she was doing to stare at one point of the ceiling- she smiled, giggled and babbled at it a little, and just stared. She did pretty much the same thing only one time (so far) in our house- she was fixated on one specific spot. I know it's normal for a baby to get distracted and do these types of things, but these couple times it was just... different... I don't really know how to explain it. And knowing my kid better than anyone else, I know that it wasn't normal for her.

It doesn't really worry me, as she was happy both times it happened, not scared. Then again, she's a little young for the "fear" age to start yet. Thoughts?


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Connie - posted on 11/10/2011




Cynthia, I read your post with interest. When you got to the part about your daughter babbling and giggling at the ceiling, it freaked me out! I remember when my daughter (probably around the same age) would stand up in her crib and stare at a corner of her ceiling and do the SAME thing! I do not feel a "presence" here, but apparently she "saw" something and was having a great time. She never acknowledged me until she was done with her conversation. I thought and still think that she was talking to either my grandmother who passed away three months prior to her birth or to her guardian angel. My mother says she is extra sensitive to her "sixth sense" that we (as a family) historically have. She also tells me I have it, but I block it and refuse to develop it. Maybe I do because sometimes when I listen to my sense it is really scary and I don't want to feel like I am going crazy! I recall being freaked out by my daughter, then comforted that she felt safe and not scared. She is almost nine now. I should ask her about her feelings sometime. She told me when my dog was going to die the day it happened: "Mom, I think it's going to be today." I thought she had a few more days, but she died several hours later. This was just three weeks ago and she didn't seem troubled by it. It was more of a matter-of-fact kind of statement. Sorry my thoughts are running all over the place. I guess you sparked something in me. Thanks. :)

Danielle - posted on 05/27/2010




The spirit in your house sounds friendly so I wouldn't worry about it. Just like living people, there are nice ones and angry ones. I grew up in a house that was haunted by a woman spirit...she spent most of her time in my bedroom and as a child I got used to her being there. She kept my room warm and cozy and I never felt alone while I lived there. I was never afraid either. So chances are, since she's growing up with this, she won't be afraid either. When I was 15 and my family moved to a larger, more modern home...I knew right away it was not haunted. It just had an emptiness to it. I missed my ghost!

[deleted account]

The house my sister lived in when she first had my niece had 3 inhabitant spirits, one of whom was VERY angry and he caused us all sorts of issues. There were a few times when my niece who was still a baby at the time would burst into tears for no apparent reason or would get upset if my sister tried to take her into a certain room. That's when my sister & I did a cleansing and removed that particulat spirit from the house.

My point is that babies & small children don't know that what they are seeing isn't real and so have a genuine response to it. I do believe that they can actually feel fear as much as they feel any other emotion, they just can't tell you what it is. So if your little one is happy and 'chatting' to her 'friend' there isn't anything to worry about.

Carolee - posted on 04/29/2010




I would definately say that the houses are "frequented" by ghosts/spirits/whatever you want to call them. Since your child is so young, I would just keep an eye out for any type of 'fear' response as she gets older.

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