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We live in a very small town ( 200 people) an hour away from Spokane, Washington which is relatively a small city. Farming community. I'm so confused on what to pay another mom from town to babysit my twin 6 year old boys. We are musicians and treat her much like a nanny during certain months. We usually only work on weekends but do stay overnight many times. At most were gone 2.5 days but usually it would be just one day from 2 pm to 2 am. We are a quite popular music group and do get paid on average much more than most musicians. When I can, I like to pay 100 a day/night. So 200-250.00 if we left Friday afternoon and came home Sunday afternoon. If we do something more local in Spokane, we would leave about 2 ish and come home about 2 am. I have always thought I was paying ridiculously high amount because for one, I could put it in the budget, and we don't have much to choose from around here for babysitting and I want to keep her!! My issue is that sometimes we play clubs that hardly pay bands enough to even pay for our expenses but we do a certain amount of that to keep our local fans in touch. We almost always go in the hole when we play those local clubs but because I usually pay her so much I feel like I need to keep that rate up. Going into winter we will be doing a lot more club dates since our concert tour season is ending. I need to get to a more realistic babysitting wage and let her know what I can afford. I know she understands and she's always seemed grateful for the job but as I did some research on babysitting wages I was just shocked at what the going rate actually is! According to most internet search sites it says average babysitting is 11.50 on up an hour! Now, understand I live in the sticks far from a city or any kind of white collar living. Most women in this area don't even make 10 an hour if they could even find a local Job! There's no daycare facility here nor are there even any stores. We have a post office open During the week and a city hall that is open.... Well heck, nobody can figure that one out! I'm only setting the surrounding stage for you as reference, not because I think babysitters are worth less because we live rural! Im simply trying to get an accurate range for these types of areas. This past Saturday night we did a show about 2 hours away and we were gone from 2pm until 12:30am. I paid her only 50 dollars because it was a low paying job and she didn't do anything extra as far As cooking or cleanup. After I broke it down I was thinking my gosh that's not even 5 dollars an hour but it's all I could afford out of this particular show, especially after paying her 250 last weekend because the shows paid a lot more for us. It's all seeming so random now and on top of figuring out a better idea of pay, maybe someone has some pointers on this random system I have! I'm just trying to be generous as I can because I also know her family desperately needs the money. Any pointers out there on the actual real life babysitting scale and how I should go about paying when our contracts also flex! 🙃🙂


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I paid a friend 5 an hour for my two year old to be watched during naptime plus an hour of play time in Omaha, NE. It takes a lot more to watch a child several hours after the novelty of the other place wears off. A babysitter also has to find a place for them to sleep and prepare meals (and that sometimes means paying for the food). A big chunk of money like $200 for two days is worth more than just $50 for half a day/night, especially when you're picking up your child in the middle of the night and it interrupts sleep. Sounds like a tricky situation. Good luck!

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