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We have all known people to bragg…and sometimes it comes off as fine, we don’t mind listening and other times you want them to shut the (Bleep) up, about whatever it is they are talking about…

Is it a person’s tone of voice, that makes it tolerable?
In your opinion when does it become annoying when others are “Bragging”


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Usually, for me, most people fall into two categories: people who genuinely listen and then respond and people who are just waiting for their turn to talk. I find that the people who annoy me with their bragging are usually those people just waiting for me to shut up so they can tell a BETTER story. The rest of the bragging, done out of pure, honest pride....I don't mind that at all.

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Bragging, especially about your kids, can be a good thing! Shows how much you are devoted to your child! But, there is a point when it's just too much. I agree with some of the previous comments. As long as it's a mutual thing, not annoying. I brag about my child, your excited for her, you brag about your child, and I'm excited too. When it gets to the point when your child can do no wrong, or you make me feel as if my child is some how less than yours; I draw the line.

Everything in moderation.

I think tone of voice does play a role also. My mother always told me, it's not what you say, but how you say it. As humans we tent to be more intune with the sound rather than the actual words being said. It makes a big difference. What you say is simply information, how it's said is emotion, how you feel, how you want others to feel - the phrase "look what she's wearing" could mean about 8 different things (maybe more) depending on how the words are said.


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when they act like they are better than everyone else with a sarcastic and condescending tone it bothers me and when they constantly repeat it over and over!

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Braggers annoy me when ALL they do is brag and like LaCi I also hate one-up-manship, I am also supportive when my friends and their children succeed so it is nice when I get the same respect. For example my son started walking at around 10 months (one step here and there) and was walking at 11 months, this is a conversation I had with my SIL:

Me: Ethan's walking about 90% of the time now, he's doing really well and is like a little pro.
SIL: Well J*** was walking at 11 months, wasn't he! (won't use his name he's not my kid)
Me: I don't know I can't really remember it was 4 years ago.

I was really miffed about this, I didn't expect fireworks but I did expect her to be happy for us, I am ALWAYS happy for her and my nephew on their achievements. 'Way to piss on my fire' is the only way I can describe how I felt accurately.

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I don't mind braggers until it becomes unrealistic & seems more like lying. Or if it's the same person again & again. Get over yourself!

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I think there's a big difference between bragging and being proud, but I also agree with Becky when your child can do no wrong and you continually criticize mine, then it gets annoying. It's even more annoying when my sister takes credit for everything good my son does(she's a big bragger). And yes i think tone does play a big part. If you're obviously bragging in what I think of as the traditional sense of the word, basically making you or your child out to be better than everyone elses, and it's not simply because you're proud of them, then I find it annoying. I also find it annoying that the people I know are all "allowed" to be proud of themselves but when I'm proud of myself or something my son does it's like, "oh stop bragging" What?!?!?! I'm proud that the first turkey i ever cooked was not only edible but actually tasted half decent and i'm not allowed to be proud of that? well Poo on you! lol

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I tolerate braggers, but I hate the "one-uppers" like LaCi mentioned. I have 2 friends that have just below average children and I have to listen to them brag constantly!! Over and Over. The same thing. They get mad when I mention one thing my kids have done. My oldest and youngest are gifted. My middle one is smart, but she is hard headed and learns something only when she needs it! If I talk about something she did, my friends just sort of listen and quickly top me with their kid, but if I mention my other 2, they cut me off half way through the story. One friend of mine actually got mad b/c I specified something my son't gifted class did. She said" you didn't have to say his gifted class. You don't have to keep reminding us how smart he is!" Well, yeah I do! I am proud of my kids! If you can be proud tht your daughter got a C in Math, why can't I be proud my son got an A in Algebra? I will sing praises for your kid all day long, but nobody wants to sing praises for the gifted ones, so I have to sing louder for them. Brag without comparison! Thats the secret! haha.

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I think it's the self-centeredness of bragging that can be annoying. If the other person is constantly talking about themselves and about how great they are, but they never ask about you - then it gets under my skin. If, on the other hand, in general this person is not self-centered and just wants to brag a bit about something - well then great - let me celebrate with you.

April - posted on 10/14/2010




i haven't come across bragging in the traditional sense. i just have a friend who doesn't listen when I have something to say about my son. she just doesn't comment at all, and expects me to listen when her children do something new.

it isn't so much as bragging, but just being excited that your kid sat on the potty for the first time or lost his first tooth. it really bothers me that i always say something positive after she shares a story and I always "like" her facebook statuses about her kids and she NEVER "likes" my status or says something cheerful and upbeat.

I get super annoyed when you say Johnny just counted to 10 and I say "way to go Johnny" Then, I say to you Susie just sung the Alphabet and you act like i didn't say anything.

LaCi - posted on 10/14/2010




What I really hate are the people that always have to have a story that tops yours. I can handle occassional bragging. It's when everytime I have a story-good or bad- they have some ridiculous story that's ten times better or worse, THAT'S super annoying.

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