Disturbing and disgusting excuse for a mother

Merry - posted on 03/06/2011 ( 15 moms have responded )




My husband matt works with a woman who was called for jury duty. The case ended up settling, but she explained to matt what the case was about and it's just sickening.

I only know what she told matt, but I think it's quite enough info.

So here's the story.

A woman is pregnant, she goes to work, she takes an hour to go to the bathroom, runs out to her car, and then returns to work. Some co workers notice her belly is all 'deflated' and asks about the baby. The lady acts really weird and they suspect she is not pregnant anymore. They obviously are concerned and worried so one calls the police. The police find the baby in the womans trunk of her car. She had shoved something in the baby's air pipe so it couldn't cry and obviously she knew it would die. Then she put the dead baby in her trunk and tried to resume her shift at work.

She was charged with first degree murder, and is going to jail. Idk for how long, but I sure hope it's a decent amount of time.

Matt said he almost cried when hearing this story. And the worst part is, here in Wisconsin a mother can drop off her newborn within three days of the birth at any public service building no questions asked, no paperwork, no fee or fines, nothing at all. Just hand over the baby and leave. This law was set up to make these stories stop. Too many women were killing their babies upon birth and the law is trying to keep women from killing their babies.

Obviously sometimes it doesn't work that way, and it's absolutely disgusting that she could do this to her baby.

UPDATE:::: I asked matt and he had not told me that the reason the case settled without going to trial is because no doctor could find any amount of mental disorder. She was of full brain capacity......


Laura - posted on 03/09/2011




A lot of what determines if a person is mentally sound versus mentally ill has to do with understanding "right action" from "wrong action" AND pre-meditation of intent. If 5 different doctors concluded that this woman was mentally sound it means that she understood clearly that her actions were wrong AND she deliberately, intentionally planned her actions knowing that it was wrong. Her mental functions were intact when she chose to act as she did. That is why this crime seems as terrible as it is: It was deliberately thought through! That's not to say that this woman doen't have some psychological conditions, just that her ability to mentally function was not impeded by those possible conditions. Had this woman's thought processes been incapacitated by mental illness (unable to distinguish right from wrong AND being unable to plan around intentions), then she would be more likely to garner sympathy as part of a terrible tragedy involving everyone. As it is, she will be spending a long time in jail!

Merry - posted on 03/08/2011




Toni, Kate, the reason she was charged was because she was deemed mentally stable by 5 different doctors. That's why she lost the case and was sent to jail.
Mentally stable doesn't mean she was a good person who thought things through rationally and consciously. People do stupid things all the time, they just don't think. That doesn't mean they have a disability or something. Some people just don't know right from wrong as well as most and sometimes they just act on impulse and don't think about it at all.
I think the child deserves the sympathy, not the woman who killed it.

[deleted account]

I'm sticking with my initial thought that the majority of people who do things like this are mentally ill, mental illness is not something that is picked up by people close to the person suffering so it may be that nobody really knew. Mental illness is often a silent illness, one which people don't see until it is too late and something awful has happened - suicide, murder, attempted murder etc.

Kati I can see that some people would just not want others to know they had given their baby up but that still to me doesn't alter the fact they are not mentally stable when they choose to kill their baby - a mentally stable person would see that unless no-one knew they were pregnant they would not get away with the murder because there would be questions raised over where their baby was, collegues wanting to see the baby etc. A mentally stable person would also be able to use their logic that murder is wrong and is not a solution.


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Merry - posted on 03/09/2011




And somehow it just feels worse because I know this was in the city just north of me. I know tragedy is tragedy no matter where it is, but when it's so close to me it just really makes it feel worse. Like I could have met her at the store, or that baby could have been in a program with my son...... It's weird to think about it but I try to remember that no matter if something bad happens right here by me, or around the world, a death is always the same loss :(

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No mentally stable doesn't mean she was a good person, which is why I said the majority of people who do things like this are mentally ill (not all of them are) - we didn't have enough information about this case to comment specifically on this actual case and this woman's mental well being. If she was found to be mentally sound by 5 doctors then what she did was indescribably sick, but still I don't really have enough information to make a judgement on her and why she did it. Oh and even if the person is mentally ill I still feel sympathy for the poor child that has lost their life or suffered because of it, but that doesn't mean I can't have compassion for the ill person as well.

Kristy - posted on 03/07/2011




This is beyond sick! Im sure nationwide there is some type of place you can go to take your newborn child, anywhere be it a hospital, firestation, policestation etc... There are laws that protect people (even the mentally disturbed) I will never understand what possess a woman to harm her baby, a child you carried for so many months, felt move, heard the heartbeat, there is no way you can go that long and never feel anything for that child! Its repulsive to think of women out there who could actually harm their own child when there are so many women who cant even have biological children.

Jaime - posted on 03/07/2011




My first thought after reading this is, I wonder if she tried to obtain an abortion at some point during her pregnancy and was turned away or the doctor pushed back the abortion date far enough that it was no longer 'legal' for her to abort. Mental illness could be another factor for sure, and I agree with everyone else saying that there are several mental illnesses that go unnoticed by even the closest family members. The act of birthing and then suffocating a new born baby is abhorrent, no question about that...but I don't know that it's as simple as counting her a sick and depraved human being for this action. You said so yourself that you only have a bit of information about the case, and I'm inclined to think that there is much more to the story.

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Laura, her office might not have known about her mental illness if she had one (and I haven't read the entire thread yet.) I've suffered with severe Borderline Personality Disorder (a new diagnosis after being told for some time that I had bipolar) for most of my life. No one has a clue. Even at my most depressed and suicidal, no one knows. Most of my family has no idea because I don't choose to tell them. They just think I'm moody and drama-ridden.

Jodi - posted on 03/06/2011




"If she was mentally sick, then her obgyn would know about it. The baby's father would know, her family and friends and maybe even people at work would know there's something wrong with her mentally."

Not necessarily. Mental illness is not something that is always obvious, even psychosis. It is often only triggered as the result of a particular event (in this instance, possibly the birth of the baby).

I'm not justifying what she did, it sounds terrible, but mental illness is something that can be very silent, and is not always identified by anyone until it is too late.

Jane - posted on 03/06/2011




See, this is where I go crazy nuts about things. I know I'm going off topic here but this country gets so bent out of shape about civil unions between two consenting homosexual adults BUT any moron can get pregnant and have a baby and no one says anything about that.

I'm sorry to go off...I just got into another debate about this somewhere else.

In any case, this is just sad and it makes me angry.

Merry - posted on 03/06/2011




If she was mentally sick, then her obgyn would know about it. The baby's father would know, her family and friends and maybe even people at work would know there's something wrong with her mentally.
Obviously she could be mentally unstable, but is that a justification for murder? I think no.
Many many women have post natal depession and don't kill their baby upon birth. She had to know she was in labor if it only took one hour to birth and kill the baby, she could have called an ambulance.
I have a hard time allowing any justification for murder. Even in extreme situations where a victim premeditativly kills their abuser, there's always a better way....
And if she was that mentally off, how wouldn't her job notice.

Rosie - posted on 03/06/2011




that poor baby! how horrifying! how would there be any consequence for dropping the baby off anonymously at the hospital? i dont' understand why people do these things. i have to disagree toni, i don't think theses people are suffering from psychosis, i just think they are to scared to let people know they gave the baby up-cowards.

[deleted account]

Although it is disgusting and it truely makes me sick to my stomach, women who do acts like this are more often than not very very ill - they may be suffering post natel depression or some other type of psychosis. Nobody in their right mind would do such a heinous thing, women in this situation need to receive treatment and help not judgements based on small snippets of information.

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