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Annabelle - posted on 08/06/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




I am 30, married about 4 months, and have 5 children (combined) ages 16, 14, 12, 11, and 9. And I am in a total fashion rut/state of confusion. I am too young to dress "old" but too old to dress "young". I am a professional administrative assistant in a very casual company so I don't have to dress up for work, but I don't want to look like a slob either. I have teenage daughters and I find that a lot of my clothes resemble theirs and match their styles/trends. I am not single anymore so the low-cut and/or tighter "eye catching" outfits aren't appropriate - in my opinion. I have a college degree and am returning to college this fall to further my education more. I want to dress lifestyle/age appropriate,I don't want to be mistaken for my teenagers friend anymore instead of their parent, I don't want undo attention from the opposite sex, I want to look classy/professional but not old or stuffy. I want to be taken seriously and not looked at like a young mom who is stuck in her 20's and can't let go of her youth. I don't mind my age or my body but I can't seem to find a happy place where clothing is concerned!!


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Maurice is my favorite store it can be pricy but they have good quality clothes so they last. I also like banana republic but I only shop of the clarence rack I once got a $60 dress for $13 there. The stores other people mentioned are great to.

Kate - posted on 09/20/2012




H&M, Express, Target (jr's department), Forever21, Charlotte Russe and Gap are my favorites for a casual work place- super cute, but not too high school/ college looking clothing either. And not killer expensive I also think that you can easily mix stuff to keep the style you like and still look appropriate. Wear a fun sweater from Forever21 with skinny jeans, but not the jewelry, wear fun jewelry with clothing from Gap, skip the super super trendy items (like the bright pink leg warmers) and it just looks cute.

I am only 25, but look 18. I work in a professional position with a casual dress code- so I'm always trying to look fun and cute, but not younger than I am. I would avoid anything Aero, American Eagle, Holister or Apcrombie- only because it's almost always covered in their logos, but sometimes they have cute sweaters that have the logo super small.

H&M is by far the best!

Good luck!!

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I'm 34 and I love wet seal, forever 21, and Charlotte russe. I'm a size 4 and still look young. My husband makes comments all the time. I don't know how a 34 yr old stay home mom is supposed to dress but I'll be damned if I dress like an old lady. I'm not exactly sure what he wants clothes wise but I will dress how I like. My daughter is 3 so she isn't influenced by my dress or anything..who knows.

Vanessa - posted on 08/10/2012




Hey Annabelle,

I am 27 and I am married for a lil over a year and have a 5 month old Baby Boy. Anyway, i still shop at Forever21. Yes a lot of young girls shop there but if you go online there is a section called love21, its more sophisticated and covered up, but still young and not stuffy. i prefer the flowing tops and straight leg jeans. Go online and check it out, the store is too huge for me its over whelming so i shop online. good luck

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