Falling asleep while caring for children

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This stems from another debate. Have you ever fallen asleep while taking care of your child? Was your child also sleeping (such as during naps) or were they awake and you happened to accidently fall asleep? Thoughts?

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Jaimee - posted on 06/20/2011




I have taken short naps while taking care of my children but while they were also taking naps. I have also taken naps while they were awake. They are not babies anymore so short naps are ok. Not more than a half hour.

Tah - posted on 06/20/2011




No mother would purposely fall asleep while their children were awake, but it does happen. Yes I have accidentally fallen asleep a few times for a short period of time while my toddler was awake. My thoughts are that it happens and says nothing of your parenting

Nicky - posted on 06/20/2011




I have been really exhausted this pregnancy and looking after my 14mo, when she was about 11mths i remember getting the room set up just in case, and i lay on the floor playing with her and her toys, and accidently nodded off. Now that she is walking, I have nodded off once, but she ran over and tapped my face, it was really cute, she thought I was pretending.
I've also fallen asleep giving her milk.
I wouldn't intentionally have a sleep while looking after my child, unless she was napping, which I see no problem with, you sleep at night when they are sleeping, so why not during the day?
that is a luxury I dont get unfortunately being that I have a lot to do when she naps, and she doesnt nap during the day much!!

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