Flu & H1N1 shot vs. Not?

Alicia - posted on 09/13/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




Hi everyone. I'm expecting my first baby in March 2011. At one of my appointments the nurse said that, it is recommend I get a flu shot, and a H1N1 shot. I'm very nervous about this. I have never got a flu shot, and only have had the flu one time. I don't think that the swine flu shot has been fully researched, as to what it will do to you in X amount of years. Am I wrong for not wanting to get these shots?


Rosie - posted on 09/13/2010




i have never gotten the h1n1 while pregnant, not because i was afraid or anything, but because i hadn't even heard of it when i was pregnant. i did however get the flu shot with my last 2 pregnancies.

i will say that i have never heard of any bad things happening to fetuses of pregnant women given the shot. but i have heard of bad things happening to fetuses of women that havn't got the shot and end up with the flu. i also think that there is a big misunderstanding about H1N1. it is made the exact same way as the flu shot, just instead of the regular flu virus, the h1n1 virus is used. the rest of it is made the same way with the same ingredients.

i don't feel you are wrong for not wanting these shots, just concerned. i suggest you talk to a doctor about the risks involved in not taking the shots, and inform yourself a little bit more about the actual effects of the shots.


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LaCi - posted on 09/14/2010




I didn't get any flu shots, ever.
Ive also never had the flu.
Its just the flu though.

Starr - posted on 09/13/2010




No! You are by no means wrong. I've had both my children in flue season and did not get a shot. As far as the H1N1, you are right. It is not researched enough yet. Just take precautions like lysol everything, stay away form sick people if possible, and maybe even stay at home as much as you can. I would atleast wait and see just how bad the flu season hits first.

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I wouldn't get either UNLESS there's something that suggests you're likely to be infected but that's just my opinion. I never did while I was pregnant, nor have we had one since and Roxanne just turned 2. Definitely do your research.

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I got the flu shot during my first pregnancy because I was teaching elementary school. But I most likely will not this time.

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Nope, I will get a flu shot, but I for one think the H1N1 shot is a bunch of bull honky. There wasnt enough research then, and there hasnt been now IMO.

Nikki - posted on 09/13/2010




I was pregnant during the swine flu epidemic in Australia and I chose not to get the shot, I wasn't comfortable with the lack of research and the track record of the vaccine from the US in the 70's. It was a hard decision because there were a few pregnant women in intensive care in my area because they caught it, one woman even lost her baby in the north of the country. I gave up work early (I worked in schools) because I didn't want to be in contact with so many people, and only went to public areas if I really needed to, used lots of hand sanitiser and wipes to try and reduce my risk of catching it. I also made everyone that walked into my house wash their hands, I was a complete germ freak!!

2 days after I gave birth I got the vaccine, purely because I wanted to protect my daughter, if my husband and I were vaccinated there was less chance of her catching it. I didn't have any adverse effects, but I still don't know that I would get my daughter vaccinated against it until she is older.

Good luck with whatever you decide, make sure you do lots of research and talk to a few health professionals. Good luck with your baby!

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The reason they recommend it to pregnant women is because their immune systems are compromised due to pregnancy. You can get very sick if you catch the flu while pregnant. I would do your own research on this one and decide. I got one while I was pregnant because we flew home twice during flu season. I haven't decided if I'm going to get it this year. The shot is one shot this year. It has this year's flu strain and H1N1. H1N1 is just a strain of flu just like any other year. Normally, when they decide which strains to vaccinate against they look at what flu is popular in China. That's the strain that always makes it to the U.S. H1N1 started in Mexico which is unusual and why they weren't prepared for it last year.

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Nope. Not wrong. I, too, have never gotten a flu shot of any kind and I never will. I'm especially not comfortable w/ the idea of any 'unnecessary' medical interventions during pregnancy.

Either way you choose I don't think you are wrong though. You have to be comfortable w/ the choices you make as a mother and this is just one of many, many more to come.

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