Grandma trying to breastfeed baby….

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Saw this on anoher comunity and wanted to see what you ldies thought about it.

A real life scenario….

mother is trying to get the baby on the bottle, A baby that is mostly breastfeed ….and do both breastfeeding and bottle, the baby hates the bottle and doesn’t take to it very well.
On night the baby goes to grandmas house and is crying and crying, wont take the bottle, doesn’t want to be walked around..ect…
So the grandma (although has no milk) decides to let the baby suck on her nipple…to sooth and quiet the baby down…it works….

What do you think about that….


Charlie - posted on 09/08/2010




She wasnt trying to feed the baby she was pacifying the baby using the oldest and most natural way to do so , much cleaner than using fingers considering she didnt have an actual pacifier .

Baby was happy , grandma had no problem so good for her for using her brain !!

There is nothing creepy about it , its all in our minds .

If you find it creepy , its because of your own "creepy" thoughts about the action .
I know if my mother did this i wouldnt find anything weird about it , i know she would have doen it in the best interests of my child and thats all that matters , it takes a selfless person to be able to share themselves to soothe another being .

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I wondered if anyone would start this debate over here lol.

My opinion, I would NEVER leave my baby with someone if baby won't take a bottle. That's mean to the baby and mean to the caregiver. On that note, I would've been more upset that grandma didn't talk to me about it first. I would want to know and be a part of the decision. Yes, it's a little strange. Wet nursing is how baby used to survive if their mom couldn't breastfeed and dry nursing has been done before too. Ultimately I wouldn't do it, but I can see how it would work for other families.

[deleted account]

Technically breastfeeding doesn't have to be between mom and baby. Adoptive mothers sometimes breastfeed their adopted children. Aunts will sometimes breastfeed nieces and nephews. Wet nursing has been around forever.

Allison - posted on 09/10/2010




Ditto with the other ladies on the no bottle thing - that's too bad for mom, and tough on baby and grandma to leave him during feeding time without any good food option.

However, I think it was a great idea on Grandma's part, and certainly doesn't do any harm to the baby, so I don't see any problem with it. Our baby hated pacifiers, so if he wouldn't take a bottle (he did) or had already eaten, I'd be perfectly happy for my mom/MIL to soothe him that way (although I don't think they would consider it). In the distant future, if I have grandkids, I would ask their mom's permission first before doing this, if I felt it was the best option. Though if I couldn't contact her for some reason and was desperate...maybe would just do it anyway.


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Leah - posted on 09/12/2010




Wow, thats kinda...strange? I guess I would have to know how old the baby is. It he is over 5-6 months and doesn't take the bottle, I'd say let the baby cry it out. Might sound harsh, but he will eat if he is really that hungry. #1 rule, introduce the bottle early so you don't run in this problem later lol. And like the other ladies said, why the f**k did she leave her baby with the grandma when she knew about this problem? Better have been an emergency, or else thats just being a bad daughter. Too stressful for her baby and her mom. Unless it was her MIL she left him with, then I could understand lmao.

On a side note, if I left my baby with my mom and found out she did that, I would be truly disturbed, but thats just personally.

Diane - posted on 09/11/2010




I am a grandmother and would NEVER EVER IN A MILLION YEARS DO THIS...unless attacked by a foreign country and we were hiding in some cave and had to keep the baby quiet. LOL

I agree with Julianna........its a special bond between mother and baby.
I would add the mother never should have left the baby to begin with if the baby had to nurse. I cant help think that sooner or later the baby would take the bottle because of hunger....or the baby would cry itself to sleep, then take to it when he got up.
We don't know enough information about how long the mother was gone etc....The grandmother should have grounded her........:)

[deleted account]

Yeah, that's too out there for me. I mean, that's what pacifiers are for. If it's a common cultural practice for some people, then I can deal with that, but for me, no. That's just strange. And I agree, I would never have left my daughter if she wouldn't take a bottle. As said, that's not fair to the baby or the caregiver.

Juliana - posted on 09/08/2010




I agree with Sally. Im not sure if my baby wouldnt take a bottle that Id leave her overnite. But to have a Grandma let the baby try to nurse is a little creapy to me. Thats a bond between mother and baby, especially since Grandma has no milk. So baby isnt getting to much out of it. Baby is still hungry so it didnt accomplish anything.

Sally - posted on 09/08/2010




I don't know what to say. I suppose my first thought is that Mom shouldn't have left a baby who won't take a bottle. I don't really know if Grandma letting the child nurse is right. I would not like it if it was my kid. Seems wrong.

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