How far is too far?

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What are your opinions on Genetically Modified Organisms?
When has it gone too far?
Forcing foods on people with out their consent or acknowledgement that what they are eating is only a clone of what they believe they are eating? Shouldn't the FDA be required to label foods that are genetically altered?
Do you think its okay that Monsanto sues farmers because their (monsanto's) patented seeds have blown into a neighboring farms land and got mixed up in their crop?
What about inserting human genes into the DNA of cows in order to get them to produce human breast milk?


JuLeah - posted on 08/07/2011




God/Nature didn't mess it up. Don't fix what aint broke. Leave nature alone. We are killing ourselves!


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The more I learn about the food industry, the more I chose to grow and make my own food. GM foods are only a part of the problem.

Emma - posted on 08/07/2011




I wish they would be labeled as then you can make an informed choice if you can afford it at least.
I live in South Africa and due to the high poverty hear even if it was labeled the vast majority would still have no choice but to buy and eat them due to price.

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