Is ORGANIC really better?

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I'm curious what everyone's thoughts are and I'm hoping we can define what "organic" REALLY means?! What the the pros and cons? Do you buy organic? Do people truly understand what "organic" is?

I'm sure this debate has been had before but this past week it has been a hot topic in our house. Let me explain. My family has been farming blueberries for 4 generations now and besides being the largest grower in BC, my parents are co-owners of a hugely successful processing and shipping plant for fresh and frozen fruit. My dad is very active in our community and participates on the North American Blueberry Council and is president of the BC Blueberry Council.....he's sort of the go-to guy in our community and surrounding communities. Anyhow, to the point.......our contract with Smuckers has recently been compromised because they found worms in the fruit after it was shipped to Smuckers and had been pureed to start the jam making process. This is one of the reasons that pesticides and insecticides can/are so important. Those farmers (my family included) who don't use (m)any chemicals (pesticides/insecticides) are being forced to spray even now that the berries have blossomed or are in great risk of wasting the rest of the crop.

What is "organic" and is it really better? Do people TRULY understand the ramifications of buying and eating organic?


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Does everyone know that just because something is "organic" doesn't mean there haven't been chemicals (pesticides, insecticides, fungacides, herbacides) used to varying degrees. Organic doesn't mean completely free from all these things, it just means that the levels register under a certain number on a scale they use to determine these things. A non-organic farmer could be borderline organic and you wouldn't even realize it.

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I won't define it since it's been defined so well so many times already.

If we could afford organic for everything we might do that. However we can't. My husband did some looking into it and decided to start by switching to Organic Milk. He read Milk is one of the first things you should switch, so with our 2 year old drinking so much of it we decided it was time.

Also, We do the farmers market stuff, the organic foods seem a little less expensive there. However unless you ask you have no clue if it's organic or not. Some of our veggies are when we get them from specific farmers, but not most of them.

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Anika, you might be confused because I posted it in both Debating Mums AND this community so I'm pretty sure you had already posted in the other one, but thanks for posting here too! ;)

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I'm pro organic, pro natural pesticides, and I DO think its better. Although there's nothing that will ever prevent pesticides from blowing from one crop onto an organic crop, I have to believe there will be less.

Packaged foods are always organic in my house, or "natural" only to avoid the nasty additives in normal packaged foods.

In addition to the bees, the things we're spraying on crops are changing the chemical composition of our dirt, permanently. I'm not a fan. I'm also not a fan of the companies that produce the pesticides, eg monsanto. So I'd rather not give them my money.

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I swear I posted to this yesterday but it hasn't shown up! Strange. Anyways, I think I said I like organic because it's good for the bees. But then without pesticide we'd lost a lot of the world's food crops. So really it's chose organic and starve some 3rd world people or chose non organic and save some bees. Bees=pollination of plants=crops, so I'm guessing we should go organic.....

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While I do buy some organic, I don't think it is always better. What I look for is low ingredients. Meaning less fillers, no high frutose corn syrup, food coloring. I end up buying more organic because those products tend to be more pure. The additives are much more of an issue to me.

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I think organic, while in theory may be wonderful, is not all it's cracked up to be. I think a lot of people have some misconceptions aobut organic fruit, produce, food etc. There's a lot of hype and focus on how wonderful organic is but I wonder if people truly understand what "organic" means?

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I should phone Smuckers and tell them that you don't mind some worms...maybe we can get production started up again!? lmao

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I buy organics for certain products. Produce when I can get it, and milk. I can't find organic meat that I can afford. But maybe in the future when we're out of debt. And I'd rather a worm than chemicals.

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Organic means products produced without the use of pesticides and insecticides. We don't buy organic fruit and veg. We have bought the Organix carrot puff things for Logan but not purposely because they are organice but because they're the only company in the UK that make them.

A study recently completed showed that organic food is no healthier for you than non-organic food. The only real purpose of buying organic is if you're concerned about the o-zone layer and environment.

I have tried organic fruit and veg and in my opinion it tastes no difference so I'm not willing to fork out extra money just because no pesticides weren't used.

Marcy - posted on 08/09/2010




Organic food is produced by farmers who focus on using reusable resources and to conserve the soil and water so to ensure environmental quality for future generations.

I took that off of the live the organic life website. The thing about organic is that there are all different levels of organic. For something to truly be 100% organic every ingredient must have been raised or harvested in a USDA approved manner. The levels go down from there.

In regards to our personal experience. We eat, drink and use as much organic food products as we can. Its simple for us, have you even taken a jar of regular pasta sauce and an organic jar of pasta sauce, turned it over and read the ingredients? The regular sauce probably has at least 4-6 ingredients that you cannot even pronounce. If I don't know what it is, we don't eat it. yes, I am willing to spend more money on organic items as I believe not only do they taste better but I am also more comfortable knowing that I am putting honest food in my families bodies. This goes for cleaning products and beauty products as well.

Honestly, I'd rather eat a worm then some of the things listed on the labels of some of the food products on the shelves.

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