Joint bank accounts?

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Just curious, inspired by another thread in here on money. When did you get a joint bank account with your significant other?

If you didn't. Why not?


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When we got married. We've always viewed ourselves as a unit and everything we own is 'ours'.

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We are thinking about it now. Because the keycard I have to his account is about to expire lol I have had his keycard since we moved in together.

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We have a joint account that is technically 'my' account, but we wanted to be able to transfer money around to it, so it's joint. He has his own that all the bills and whatnot come out of. Works fine for us because neither of us is irresponsible with money, and we each technically have our 'own' if we want to buy the other person gifts without them knowing.

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i have had a joined account with my fiance for over 5 years and we been together for 7,when we moved in together i found it easier to pay bills sharing the account. i handle ALL the banking,my fiance could not be it works awesome.


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We have joint accounts since we started dating at the age of 16, our money has always been ours

Amanda - posted on 07/15/2011




We have had joint accounts since we moved in together. Our mentality from day one has always been ' my money is your money, your money is my money, it's OUR money'. If we're in a relationship/marriage it just seems like the no-brainer thing to do to us. That way we can keep tabs on each other too and make sure neither of us goes too out of control with spending. :)

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We've had joint checking since about a year into our relationship. Before that, I just used his bank card. I'm a SAHM, so I have my own accounts from when I used to work, but we don't use them anymore.

It only took us so long to add me because we live by Chicago, but he banks in Texas because they cater to military. It was easier to pay his bills that way when he was single.

I have access to all our accounts, but I let him handle the monthly bills. We kept all of our assets separate when we moved in together, just in case. So, most of it is in his name anyway.

*shrugs* My degree is in accounting, so I deal with numbers enough. I'm glad to hand it over to him. Now that I'm going back to work....we're trying to sort out the logistics of it all.

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We joined accounts within the first year of our relationship...We're old friends so trusted each other. Makes surprises hard like when he took out money for my engagement ring lol but I think it means they really trust you.

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Well, we're finally going to do this today........ I think it's important and I wish we would have done it a while ago because he is horrible with money and everytime I try to budget, it goes down the drain. So no more of that, hopefully we can live more financially like an 'us'. Geez. Among living like an 'us' period. We'll see. I just never thought about it before. Derrrrr

Thanks everyone who posted!

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My husband and I do not and never have had joint accounts. but we consider the money ours. He manages our savings account(hes better with long term goals) and I manage bill money, vacations birthdays christmas expenses. Two seperate accounts. Ive never felt like we are not a family or a team because of this. I think it depends on the people.

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We got one after about a year of being married. It took so long mainly due to laziness.

We don't spend money. Everything goes to bills, food, or gas. Any extra money goes to getting baby essentials. I will get a surpise from him once in a while where he went off and bought something, but often times it's less then $50.

Both bank accounts are joint. One we use mainly to pay our car loan and for saving money for an "Oh shit" fund. The other is the main account.

After what happened to my sister, I don't like the idea of having seperate accounts. She found out during her divorce that her husband had another account that half of his money went to every month. It really pissed her off.

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Yeah I've heard that story quite a bit - where one spouse is aweful with money and the other helps keep it semi stable lol

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Me and my husband had a joint account after we got married, he didn't have a bank account at all and I had one so I just added him to mine. But he is horrible with money, I was frequently overdrawn, he would go get cash and not tell me, then I would pay bills and the money wouldn't be there. This was before internet banking too, so it was harder to keep up with. Now we each have our own accounts, and if I need some money he will give me a check and vise versa. I pay all the bills out of my account, so usually when he gets paid, he will write me a check and I will use that to pay our bills with.

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I think it is joint minus my name on the account. LOL He has five accounts that I know of and I am only allowed to take money from one. I am not good with money. I spent 1,000 for hair extension that are sitting in my drawer. But he is no better. It is his money and I have not problem spending it even though we dont have any.

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We have always had joint bank accounts, but my husband has no sense of money so everything goes into my account and then I put what we can spend into our joint account. Even then I have regulate his spending habits. His problem isn't he spends large amount at a time but it is the little transactions that add up. He always says I have no moe money I didn't spend that much and then I add it up and uess what it addes up.

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We had a joint account before children about 3 years into our relationship because we lived together , shared bills and we always just had a "my money is your money " type thing going from the minute we moved in plus there wasnt any worries about spending habits on either side .

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We opened a joint bank account when we moved in together. We were going into business together anyway, so it made sense to us to have a joint bank account. Most of our savings are in my name, though (except our individual superannuation accounts), because I earn the smaller income, so I pay less tax on the interest. Again, common sense prevailed when we made that decision.

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