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My step daughter literally cut off all the hair at her bio-moms yesterday...I mean there is no hair on the left side of her head, YOU CAN SEE HER SCALP!!!! What do I do??? We have custody of her all of the time except every other weekend...Im not sure how her mother could have let her do this but tha'ts not my main is going to take YEARS to grow back her shoulder length hair and she starts school in August!!!! We are going to Disney world in April and her new hair cut will be in every picture...Im not concerned about the image but what other kids her age will say to her and she is already so sensitive...what do I do, can I buy a wig??? Im at a loss!


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Lacye... do you have any idea just how many 3 year olds have given themselves a haircut? I know of at least half a dozen personally. All from great families w/ good, attentive parents. It happens.

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Take her to a good stylist for a "pixie cut" It will still look gapped up for a couple of months, but if she is healthy, over the course of 2 or 3 cuts you can shape it into a cute short cut. Buy her some cute hat to wear for the time being.

You can buy a good nylon wig for a few hundred $ in the US (where are you?) but they are itchy if there is any hair at all underneath, so she probably wouldn't wear it. Real hair wigs cost a few thousand.

Personally, I don't think it would be worth it; healthy hair grows about 1/2 inch per month, so by April she will have a cute pixie, and by August she should have enough length for a short tapered cut.

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I cut al my hair off when i was 3 as well. Then hid the hair under my parent's bed thinking no one would notice. LOL. it's a family funny anecdote now.

Christina - posted on 07/06/2012




it isn't always a matter of the mother wasn't paying attention... just last night my 4 year old went into our room while we were sleeping and took the sissors out of my makeup box and whacked her hair all to pieces... sometimes stuff like that just happens and there is nothing you can do about it don't get me wrong my daughter did have to sit in timeout and did loose her tv privlages for the day but accidents do happen... don't be so quick to judge

Victoria - posted on 02/28/2011




Take her to a hairdresser. I agree that a pixie cut will be best for her lost locks. Buy a couple of those headbands that have the square/waffle weave for her to wear when you have picture days. They're great because you put barrettes in them to dress them up.
Don't worry it'll grow out enough by the time school starts that no one will know. My sister got the thread nippers when she was that age. Luckily my mom is a hairdresser and was able to salvage some sort of style. But it still took about 2 months to look good.

Jennifer - posted on 02/27/2011




omg how funny! my daughter just did the same thing a few weeks ago. it wasnt because i wasnt watching her! whenever i brush her teeth she goes into the kitchen and rinses her toothbrush when we are done. in about 10 seconds, she managed to find scissors and cut a huge chunk out of the side of her head! its just one of those things.

Alison - posted on 01/03/2011




She'll have enough hair for your Disney pictures in April and forget about August - nothing to fret about.

Let's not get all judgmental on the mom. We all hate to be judged and no parent is perfect (including a helicopter mom!).

Sherri - posted on 01/02/2011




At that age I would buy some cute little hats for her. Hopefully to be able to hide most of it at least for a while until it can grow out some. I am so sorry this is horrible.

Even the best watched children have had it happen. My friends twins one boy and one girl were at a friends house with the parents right there. They were doing crafts and he decided to give his sister a haircut, she had hair down almost to her butt. It all happened in less then a minute.

I did it as a kid too. My dad bent my safety scissors in half and through them in the trash. I was in huge trouble. I was about 5.

Amanda - posted on 01/02/2011




I went to cosmetology school and I've witnessed this happen soo many times! Parents come in so upset that their child cut their hair, or shaved their heads, you get it. So the fix was to either try to fix it to the best of our ability or...shave the head, or buzz it depending on what we had to work with, and than wait for it to grow out. Which really only takes a year or 2 at the could buy a hat, or a wig...either way she's going to need to face the fact that either her biomom wasn't paying attention or she really f*d up! Lol....hard lesson to learn but someones gotta!

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My BIL's niece (his brothers daughter) cut half her hair off, really really short, last year - they took her to the hairdressers and just told the hairdresser make it look better, she came out with a a-symetric pixie crop - everybody who saw her regularly thought it looked awful because they were used to her hair the old way, I actually thought she looked super cute because she really suited the cut (and I only see her 2/ 3 times a year), so it may not be as bad as you think. Take her to the salon and see what they can do.

Isobel - posted on 01/01/2011



286 daughter cut her hair (and I was a hairdresser...ARGH!)

a) I hate the term bio-mom (I don't refer to my kids' father as their bio-dad) maybe it's just me.

b) I think it was just dumb luck that it happened at her house and not yours cause it's just something kids do.

c) Kelly's right about a half inch per month...BUT good news actually grows faster on kids (it would be even better if it happened in the summer but...oh well)

d) Welcome to a VERY BIG club...although this is an extreme case (really? ALL her hair? holy crap) they tend to do this while "playing quietly in their room" sooooo... don't be too upset, I think you'll find that most moms understand. Buy some cute hats ;)

Tah - posted on 01/01/2011




She was probably watching music videos they have their hair shaved on one side, take her to the hairdresser and have them do the other side long so it's a cute cut or have the other side shaved and let her whip her hair back and forth like willow smith...check out the pics of her hair for ideas.....

Candi - posted on 12/31/2010




cut the other side to match and let her have a mohawk! Girls get them too. When I was a kid, I used to cut my own bangs all the time and you could tell. All the pictures prove it!! t will grow back and it will be fun to tell the story later on, so take lots of pictuers!

Jenny - posted on 12/31/2010




I would just cut it all to the same length or maybe leave one side longer so it looks funky. It's just hair though and wouldn't be a big deal for me. Let her rock on with her bad self and likely the other kids won't even care.

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When my brother was 3 he cut off his eyelashes... they grew back thicker and more beautiful than before... brat... lol

When I was 4 a friend and I went into the bathroom to play barber without telling my mom and he cut off one of my pigtails... clean off. I got the girls bowl cut to fix it, but I still looked pretty silly for a while.

I think this is one of those things that happens. Yes, the mom should have been watching your stepdaughter closer, yes I would be pissed off if that happened to one of my kids, and yes I think it needs to be addressed in some way with the mom, but I also think that in the grand scheme of things it's not really the worst that could have heppend with those scissors.

I agree with the others. Get a cute little pixie cut and it will all even out in a few months or so. :)

Lacye - posted on 12/31/2010




Teresa I do realize how many 3 year olds do this. I did it when I was about that age and it was because my mother left me at home with my 10 year old sister for her to watch me and my sister was sick with the flu. So it still goes to parents not paying attention. I still think it was irresponsible on the mother's part for not watching the child closely and for not thinking about putting the scissors up where she couldn't reach them.

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Most kids give themselves or their friends a haircut at some stage. When I was very young, the girl next door cut my fringe really short (I think you guys call it bangs) with pinking shears.

(For those who don't know, pinking shears are scissors whose blades are saw-toothed instead of straight, and leave a zig-zag pattern. I don't think they're used much today.)

Kate CP - posted on 12/31/2010




My daughter cut a lock of her own hair with her safety scissors. Thankfully it wasn't that big or noticeable but it does happen even to the most closely watched kids.

Mother - posted on 12/31/2010




Cut the rest of her hair to match. Kids hair grows fast. It'll look normal in a couple months.

Lacye - posted on 12/31/2010




Wow! That is just horrible. Who lets a 3 year old play with scissors! And even if she didn't know, she should have been watching her to make sure something like that didn't happen. But I agree with the other ladies. Take her to a hair stylist and tell them to fix it as best as they can, yes she will still have the gaps but it won't be as bad. In a few months, her hair will be back to almost normal.

Kate CP - posted on 12/31/2010




Actually, at the rate of hair growth for a child, her hair should grow back pretty quickly. But yea, you can buy a wig or even pay for a weave (that's expensive, though). Honestly, this is a good lesson for her. She'll never do it again, I bet. :P

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its not fixable in the least...its to short like literally looks buzzed...she is 3 now as well...picture joe dirt...thats who she looks like from the side now

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Can you get her a haircut that makes it not look so bad? If not.... just leave it to grow. Other kids may hurt her feelings, but that'll teach her not to do it again (maybe). Pain is a cruel teacher and I know you want to avoid that for her, but..... it happens. Maybe buy her a cute hat?

One of my girls gave herself a haircut at 3. It was pretty bad, but not scalpable... also not fixable. Hey, at least people could tell the girls apart easier for about a year. lol

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