Probably old news, Ambercrombie and Fitch

Christy - posted on 03/31/2011 ( 15 moms have responded )




WTH is going on in this world? Ambercrombie and Fitch (SP) was making, and selling padded bikini tops to 7-12 yr olds. There was a giant uproar about it and now they "Just sell padded bikini tops" to kids 12 and older. WTH???????

I know I sound like an old fart but I won't even let my daughter wear a 2 piece until she's older, and I am still trying to figure out what age "older" is for her (she's 2 1/2).



Candi - posted on 04/24/2011




not happening in my house. My daughters are almost 11 and almost 6. One piece swimsuits. Yeah I have to search and pay more, but its worth it. Its hard finding shorts for my older one. We went to at least half a dozen stores last week and cannot find shorts with more than a 2 inch inseam. Why does a little kid need shorts cut up to their butts? I told her she may end up wearing pants all summer b/c they just don't make shorts for girls with any self respect.

Christy - posted on 04/01/2011




BTW, this is the same store that sold thong underwear for children that had the words "EYE CANDY" written on the front. WTH?? Why the F$%K would a 7 yr old need to wear a thong? They pulled them off the market once an uproar started but STILL!!!!!!!!!


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Cyndel - posted on 05/09/2011




My daughter will wear 2 pieces, they are so much easier to go to the bathroom in, but they will be the 2 pieces that cover the belly. The long top and the normal bottoms. they are pretty easy to find now. My daughters will learn that all body types are beautiful (my husband was actually disappointed when my breasts remained a size 'C' when I was done nursing and didn't return to the small side of 'B' they were before) and breasts don't have to be big for your husband to enjoy them, or for you to be beautiful. My uncle paid for his wife to have a reduction because he didn't like how big they were (she also had back pain on top of it because she was a size above DD, can't remember what that is). Anyway, I will teach my daughter to love her body the way it is, and keep herself health, not necessarily thin, but healthy so she has energy and strength to live a great life.
But I also have another point. If this is a 'push-up bra' type of padding that is one thing, but if it is just padded like a normal bra, I don't really care, as I would rather my daughter have a little padding and not show major nipple when she gets cold. Either way she isn't wearing a bikini as long as she is under my roof.

Sherri - posted on 05/04/2011




I don't have a problem at any age wearing a bikini but unfortunately once you reach certain sizes most bikini tops have padded tops. I don't think I would allow my daughter to wear a padded bikini top till 16.

Amy - posted on 05/03/2011




My daughter is 4 and I almost freaked a bit when she was opening Easter stuff from Grandma and she said she got her a two piece! But, turned out was a one piece suit with a little skirt. Whew!!!! Yeah, I have no idea when "older" is. I'm guessing if little ta tas are sticking out, I'd prefer them having padding.

But..usually people who buy name brand for the sake of name brands care more about looks and fashion than modesty. Not always, but often.

I have a suit that says "padded" but it was just a small lining to hide tits. So, I'm saying it depends on how 'padded' it was how horrible the issue is. If it adds a cup size or something, that's just wrong. But I do know girls who are developing much younger now than girls did when I was growing up!!

OhJessie - posted on 05/01/2011




Forget it. Dress your baby girl in modest (but highly colorful!) clothes. And let her pick it; she'll change like 5 times a day if not streak. My daughter's favorite outfit was "yellowpinkandgreen" (yeah, she said it like that.) Let them enjoy it.

Constance - posted on 04/30/2011




When I heard about this it made me sick. Girls already have image issues why do we want to add to it at the age of 7. I have enough to wory about with mt daughters.

Here are two more products I believe are completely rediculus.
Last year a designer made thongs for little girls. That only lasted for like a week.
The day after I found out about the padded bikini this also ended up in front of me. Everyone has heard of the babydolls that drink, cry, and potty, how about one that simulates breastfeeding. I was created to help teach little girls how to hold a baby correctly to breastfeed. They also said it was ok if they lifted there shirts like mommy to feed their baby because it promotes maternal instinct.

I don't how anybodt else feels about this but trufully it horrified me.

Mary Renee - posted on 04/28/2011




My sister and I wore two peices to the beach since we were three, we looked adorable, I don't think two pieces are a big deal. Belly buttons are not scandalous, everybody has one.

But padded bikini tops? 7-year-olds don't need boobs, sorry.

Mary1959 - posted on 04/23/2011




my 9yr daughter has one of the bikini she love it . they are not padded that much

Christy - posted on 04/01/2011




BTW, this is the same store that sold thong underwear for children that had the words "EYE CANDY" written on the front. WTH?? Why the F$%K would a 7 yr old need to wear a thong? They pulled them off the market once an uproar started but STILL!!!!!!!!!

[deleted account]

I'm with you on this. While I am very open with my daughter about our bodies, I think the padded bikini tops are very inappropriate. I want my daughters to be comfortable with the bodies they have, without enhancing with padding...especially at such a young age. Plus modesty is important to me and I will stress it with my daughters. Yes, I breastfeed in public, but I don't flaunt my breasts. Yes, I teach my daughter about her body, but I'm also teaching her not to lift her dress in public (she's two).

[deleted account]

It's disturbing. I've seen lacy underwear for very small girls. I don't know who thinks of that's appropriate for a small child. My daughter is 2 and wears the bathing suit with the shirt. Now it's more for sun protection, but it will be a while before she's in a bikini.

Lacye - posted on 03/31/2011




Wow.................. I didn't know about this. I hate to tell them but when my daughter turns 12, she's still not wearing a 2 piece bikini. It's just not fucking happening. She better pray I let her out of the house in a 2 piece when she's 40! Yeah unrealistic I know but you get the drift. lol

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