Returning an adopted child to the state.

Robin - posted on 10/27/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




My husband and I adopted five a sibling group. The three okdest have a number of mental health issues. And have proven they are a danger not only to their selfs but to others in our home. Knifes, lighters, threats, in appropriate touching of another child. Cops have been called, hospital evaluations have been done
DCS has been called but as of now one one is doing anyrhing. I am scared to dealth my two oldest 16 and 12 are going to hurt or cause emotional problems with the other three 11, 7, and 6. We have behavioral health and emotional health working with them but things seem to be getting worse. My husband and I are at our wits end. Our 16 year old stole butcher knifes and said he was mad at us. He has been caught playing with lighters a number of times. He takes off I make police repirt he comes back home cause the juvenile system has no room for him. My 12 yearvokd stabbed me with a pencil. My younger kids have loojs on their bedroom doors so they have a safe place to go when all hell breaks lose. In appropriate touching was turned into the state but the timeline was hazy so it was dropped.what is the state waiting for for someone to get hurt or worse another teen that kills his family and goes off in the piblic. Dont kniw where to turn any more. Yhe state let us down and we reported what needed to be reported. So now what are we suppose to do. 17 and 12 think they can do whatever they want cause the system has let us down.

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