Self Inducing Labour

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Found this, wanted the ladies of PD&HT to have a go.

so, i was at my last prenatal class yesterday and there was only one other couple left in the class with us. the woman is 32 weeks and she kept saying that she wanted the baby out now. apparently she had an early labour scare so she thought it would be okay if she did some things to induce labour since the baby had tried to come out on it's own earlier. the nurse kept telling her no, it's not good for the baby, there are too many risks at 32 weeks. but the woman kept insisting that the baby would be fine because most premie babies are okay anyway and besides, she was so uncomfortable. the nurse was trying to be nice but i could just see her wanting to shake her head at this woman. i can't understand her either. i know some of what babies go through when they are born too early and i know what it feels like to have a tube in your throat, it hurts like hell. i would never think of putting my baby through that if i could help it. no matter how uncomfortable i got.

anyway, i saw on another thread, some women arguing about inducing labour and how safe it is for baby if you do it before you reach your actual due date (or even after)?. do we really need to be that much in control of what's going on? is it selfish or only natural that a woman would do anything she can to get the baby out so she can feel comfortable again? is it any different for a woman to make that call on her own than for the doctor to do it for her with drugs? or should we just wait and let nature take it's course and stop trying to control it?


April - posted on 01/11/2011




Toni said it all for me...utterly ridiculous and extremely selfish. If this is how she is acting now, then how is she going to act after the baby is born? Is she going to whine that she's too tired to get up for that 2 am feed? What's next?

Personally, I will never understand women who WANT to have a c-section on purpose or insist on being induced sooner than 2 weeks before the due date. This kind of behavior is why men don't have babies! PS...I am not talking about those of you that had illnesses or pre-e and that was why you had to be induced and/or have a section. I am talking about those that say, "I'm tired, fat and uncomfortable. I don't care if my baby isn't full term."

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It still amazes me how utterly stupid and selfish some people are, I know it shouldn't at 26 years old you'd have thought I'd learn that those people will always exist. Wanting to induce your baby at 32 weeks just because your uncomfortable and it isn't really that bad to be a premie is beyond stupid, it just shows how immature some people truely are because no sensible person would want their baby to be a premie due to the fact it can have a major and lifelong effect on their health.

The only reason I was induced at 37 weeks was because I was ill and it was better for my son to be out of my womb then in it. I would never try and induce my baby before my due date for any other reason than his health. However, that being said induction will only work if your body is ready to go into labour, for both medical inductions (which is why if they try too early they often end up in c-section) and the old wives tale remedies.


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Amber - posted on 01/10/2011




I was induced at 36 weeks due to severe complications. I'd been on bedrest for 7 weeks, and we held on as long as we possible could.I still felt guilty for being unable to carry my son to full term. I was paranoid that he would have some sort of problem.

I was swollen to the point that I could not longer bend my limbs or even flex my feet. I had severe head aches and was on a strict diet, which as a pregnant woman I hated. And had a nice list of other issues also.
I did not want to be pregnant anymore, but I didn't want to have to be induced either. I wanted my baby to be safe more than I wanted to be comfortable.

She obviously knows very little about infants if she is unconcerned with her child being premature, as well as being selfish. How is that child going to feel when it grows up if it has health problems due to its mother's selfishness?

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I,personally, would never be induced before my due date unless there was a major problem. Although I wouldn't want an induction at all unless it's needed. The lungs don't full mature until the last few weeks so yes, a baby born at 32 weeks may survive, but not without a struggle. Why would you want to do that to your child?

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Tell her to grow the hell up. Pregnancy is uncomfortable -- deal with it. That's no reason to subject your baby to all the risks of a preterm birth. A baby at 32 weeks is barely 3 pounds, most likely can't breathe on its own, won't be able to nurse, is likely to have a brain bled, is likely to be disabled, and generally isn't ready to be born yet. It's a shame this women is going to be a mom.

Sorry -- pregnancy hormones at work -- but I would seriously bitch-slap that lady if I had been in the same room with her! ;-)

Amy - posted on 01/10/2011




I would never try and self induce unless I only had a week to go. Babies need to be in there so long for a reason. If you want to be comfy and never miserable..don't have kids! Not that kids are all that bad, but a little discomfort compared to long nights of struggling with nursing or a crying, colicky baby....Just be happy with what ya got!! Both my kids happened to be born the day after their due date. The only reason I went gung ho about my red raspberry leaf tea was that I was attempting a vbac and the doc at the time was REALLY hassling me about if I can't go into labor on my own, we should c section. You, as a mother, are living a delusion if you think you will be "comfortable" after your milk comes in and you're leaking everywhere, or end up with cracked nipples or have troubles nursing. I'm not for any kind of induction, really - especially that early!!! Week before, fine, whatever, but try naturally otherwise they monitor you like a hawk and any little sign of anything wrong, they're cutting you side to side and you will REALLY be uncomfortable!! Spoken from a woman who had a c section and couldn't walk without severe pain and assistance just to pee. Tell me again how that was more comfortable than braxton hicks and back pain????? Sorry, I'm pregnant and hormonal. :)

Carolyn - posted on 01/10/2011




i would never ever try to bring labour on through any means any earlier than 38 weeks if it wasnt medically necessary. and i say 38 weeks because allthough a baby is considered term at 37, due dates have been known to be off.

I suffered horrible rib pain from week 22 on, was put off work due to the pain, the lack of sleep due to the pain at 29 weeks. I couldnt sit for any longer than 10 minutes without it starting to feel like i had broken ribs, if i took a deep breath , i was almost in tears everytime. I couldnt lay on my side without the pain coming either, so i was a zombie for half my pregnancy.

once i got the okay from my doctor, I started doing what i could to either progress baby along, or start labour. Nipple stimulation, walking, sex, stretch and sweep, exercise balls, you name it, and nothing worked. That baby wasnt coming out till he was good and ready, and didnt until 26 minutes after his due date. allthough the things i did didnt bring on labour, i beleive its what helped me dilate to 7 without being in labour leading to a 4 1/2 hour labour and delivery after the doc broke my water.

unless you go messing around in your cervix with a crochet hook, take herbs that are known to cause contractions, or play around with some good old pitocin or oxytocin, ( barring there are no issues with your pregnancy, preterm labour etc.) your probably not going to induce a baby who is not ready to come out.

Lacye - posted on 01/10/2011




The only reason why I was induced a week early was because my water had broken and I wasn't dilating like I was supposed to have been. Other than that, I was going to wait. My child's health was more important than me comfort.

I don't like it when women complain about their comforts rather than the child's health. Being born premature can have some serious consequences. The child could have some serious health problems later on because of being born early. I won't take that chance if I ever have another child.

Amy - posted on 01/10/2011




If the mom is having issues and is on bed-rest then doing any of the "natural" methods are not good If you wait for the due date the baby is SO much better off!

I understand the the un-comfort and was induced BOTH times. I've looked into all the methods, etc. The Natural methods only work if the baby's ready from what I've read. I've tried everything, and for me nothing worked. For my son they had to break my water, and for my little girl they had to use three different methods to induce me, although once the water actually broke it was quick (as it was the second time)

I BEGGED to be induced early, my dr would only do so 2 weeks before your due date, although I chose to be induced at almost a week late because I wanted to make sure the baby was ready. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't do anything, I was crabby and overall we were all so much happier once the baby was born. I also had a scare about 3 weeks before my due date, I had a false labor and ever since then it was worse than ever.

So long story short, I think it's ok if its around the due date or after. 32 weeks is too early to be induced in my mind.

If my little girl had issues from being born too early you can bet that I would have felt so guilty, I'm thankful my husband made me wait until after my due date. When your big and un-comfortable it's nice having someone talk you down.

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