Sex Ed Changes in Ontario Schools.

Tania - posted on 04/22/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




Personally I don't have a problem with most of the propossed changes. Learning about same sex couples and marriages is a ok with me. Even answering question about masturbation is ok.
I bring this up because my husband is extremly homophobic and I am not. I want our son to respect and treat all people the same. I don't want him to think being homosexual is wrong in anyway. People love who they love and all families are different.
I also think teaching children the proper words for thier body parts is important too. I don't want Wyatt going around callinmg his penis a bird.
I know a lot of paope don't agree with sex ed but it is so important.....parents don't always teach thier children in the best way. My mother had me growing up thinking sex was dirty and wrong. I never enjoyed it until I met my husband.
I also think it teached kids to take control of trheir own bobies and know what is going on in their own bodies. For me its v ery powerful knowledge to have.


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Amanda - posted on 04/23/2010




yeah we had to have consent forms for it while we were in sex ed, and the rest of the kids went and sat in the cafeteria and watched movies lol

Rosie - posted on 04/23/2010




i think it's a great idea, however i can also see how religious people wouldn't want their kids taught about homosexuals. don't agree with them, but can see how they wouldn't want it. consent forms with knowledge of what is going to be taught, and i'm all for it.

Jaime - posted on 04/23/2010




I heard on the radio today that there will be no change to the curriculum for now because McGuinty feels that they didn't do a good enough job talking to parents about these changes before proposing to do so, which has caused a mass upset because parents want to be able to have a say in what is being taught to their children. With that said, I don't have a problem with the proposed changes, but for now it has been put on hold.

Stephany - posted on 04/23/2010




I don't see anything wrong with it. I'd rather be overly cautious and provide my kids with all the facts before they even start to think about making decisions that have to do with sex. My husband and I can tell them everything we know (and we will), but I think them hearing it from another knowledgeable source is a good idea.
I don't understand why some parents are so vehemently opposed to sex education in school. Everyone is going to learn about sex one way or another, and from one person or another. If you want to teach your kid about sex in your own way, do so before the sex ed curriculum comes up and then just keep them home that day. Not a big deal, IMO.
Kind of off topic, but I remember laughing at the posters on the walls of my sex ed class in high school. Now, after having kids, I think I've got an idea for one that would prevent any 16 year old girl from getting pregnant. They should have three pictures of the same woman, wearing a bra and panties in each one. The first one should be of the woman before she gets pregnant, the next one at 9 months pregnant, and the last one at 4 weeks post partum. That would scare any 16 year old into using condoms! LOL!

Amy - posted on 04/23/2010




I don't see a problem with it. IT just goes to show you that Ontario is willing move forward with the times that are a changing.

Emma - posted on 04/23/2010




Well my sex ed teacher was great at high school, our class as it turned out seams to have been the only group in our year that non of us had kids until or mid 20's strange but true. I do however think it was done too late at out school, by 15 when the did it most of the kids where at least doing something sexual seeking and at least half had already had sex.
If 15+ years ago they where already doing it at 14 i dread to think how young they are starting to do it now.
I do think parent should be teaching there kids the majority of the info and the schools just reaffirming the point's, my kids will be hearing about sex from me first but not all parents do this so the schools are s safety net as it where to make sure no one goes on blindly in the dark with out real facts.

Lyndsay - posted on 04/22/2010




Well, since I live in Ontario, I can hop right on this bandwagon.

For one thing, I don't think theres anything wrong with the proposed curriculum. I think they are planning to teach everything that needs to be taught to a child. I think they are starting them a bit young, to be honest... I think grade 5 is a good age to learn sex education (thats when I did), but I really do like the idea of making the curriculum all-encompassing to include same-sex couples and stuff like that.

Unfortunately, like most things, this comes down to parental incompetency. If parents were doing a proper job of teaching their children about sex, it wouldn't be such a heavy burden for the schools. In my opinion, kids should hear about this stuff from their PARENTS first and schools second. I think that by grade three children should be calling private parts by their proper names (penis, vagina, etc.) and that is certainly not something that they should have to learn at school. (Seriously, 8 or 9 is a little old to be calling it a winkie.) I was recently working in a group home where I had to explain childbirth to a 14 year old boy. He had all sorts of questions about pregnancy and how a baby develops, and I was kind of thinking to myself "why has nobody done this before?" Lets be honest here, 14 is an age where many kids are having sex and if he doesn't even know how a baby is made, how can we expect him to make proper decisions in that regard?

I'm all for the curriculum. Bring it on.

Amanda - posted on 04/22/2010




I don't think it sounded very horrible. I think it's mean of the people who are conserative or religious to think that 3rd gradeis too young to deal with same sex households, what about the kids that happen to be in that class that come from one? That's not fair to make it sound like it's a dirty thing that shouldn't be talked about. As for talking about masturbation and STD/pregnancy prevention in middle school, I think that is AWESOME... I definately plan on having my kids prepared BEFORE they have sex, not after lol. If the schools can help reinforce that, then that's even better. The more these kids hear about it, from all different sides, the better off they'll be. I also like the puberty changes in 5th grade, some kids mature around then or very soon after, so it'll help them so they don't freak out lol. I went thru my period young and my mom had waited until everything started happening to tell me, and it FREAKED me out when I started getting hair "down there" and bleeding lmao.

Oh yeah, and most kids are masturbating around taht stage, or have tried it. I knew a kid that rubbed himself up against things at like 3 ro 4 because "it felt good", lol... apparently that's not too uncommon either. My 3 year old son plays with his penis in the shower and when he feels like using the toilet sometimes, took me a minute to be okay with it, but it's just something that happens. I'm sure it's something around the same for girls, but I don't have a lot of experience with little girls yet, my neice is 9, but she never did any of that stuff.

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