Should parents bring baby to the movie theater?

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Do you, or do you not feel infants should be allowed in movie theaters? Kid movies only? Or are parents entitled to bring their children regardless of age or movie rating?


Kyle - posted on 03/07/2010




I agree with Amy, My son is 11 months now and I took him to see the chipmunks when it came out and he didn't make a peep the whole time. he sat there and was mesmerized by the movie. He also stayed awake the WHOLE TIME and did not want to eat any snacks or the boob at all. So I think you should just use your best judgment and have respect for the other people in the theater just as people WITHOUT kiids should have respect for the people with kids and not assume the experience is going to be horrible. Half the time it is snot nosed TEENAGERS causing problems not younger kids.

Sharon - posted on 03/01/2010






Idiots with infants at movies are the second reason why I don't go to movie theaters anymore.

Shitty ass parents that can't/won't control their children. I went with my mom last month to see an adult movie. The Blind Side. The movie was awesome and emotional and I totally enjoyed it.

Except for the rotten bastards behind me with their whiney ass kid "I gotta peeeeeee!!!!" fucking A take the kid to the damn bathroom for christ sake.

Then the seat kicking.

Then the spilled food and the crying.


It never fails. EVEN if people take a baby to a childs movie - they never sit near an exit. They sit in the most awkward fucking place to get out of and you miss (never fails) crucial or funny parts of the movie while the try to gather the baby bag, 5lbs bucket of popcorn and grande jumbo supreme fucking cokes and the kid and walk the 1/2 a fucking mile to the exit. Child is WAILING the WHOLE TIME while the parent ineffectually says "ssshhhhhh!!" yeah asshole thats what were all saying.

Movies are expensive. $5 for a little bottle of water really chaps my hide and if I'm going to pay those prices I goddamned well want to watch my movie in the manner it was intended to be watched.

I don't want to practice my lip reading skills at a crucial moment in the move theatre. I save that for my side job as a fucking spy.

edited to make this make more sense.

Christy - posted on 03/04/2010




i agree with Amy, it depends on your child. i personally never took my daughter, even as an infant but my best friend took her daughter at 3 months and then again at 6 months and she slept through both movies.

i think it is ridiculous to take a baby just because you feel like going to the movies and you don't have a sitter. you have a baby now, you don't get to do whatever you feel like doing anymore. are you going to take your baby to a bar because you just feel like it? or maybe to a 5 star restaurant? sure it "sucks" that you can't be exactly the way you were before you had kids but such is life. if you couldn't handle the responsibility that comes with a baby, you should have thought about that before you had one, IMO...

Melissa - posted on 03/07/2010




I would be so pissed if I was on a date night with hubby and someone had a baby and I trying to watch a movie so please get a babysitter and if can't you get one then wait no one wants hear your baby cry that's why No brings kids on a date night

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Our theaters show discount kids movies during the summer time on weekdays at 10am. These are the only movies my son, now 5 yrs old, has ever been to. They are designed for kids, so no one expects perfect silence, and it's only $20 for 2 tickets, a pop corn and 2 drinks, so it's not bad if we have to leave. He sat through most of them last summer, so he is probably ready for a regular movie (G-rated) but since the summer movies are so much cheaper and my husband isn't interested in seeing many of the movies my son wants to see, we probably won't be taking him anytime soon.

I never took him as an infant. Our theaters are REALLY loud and I worried about his ears.

Sharon - posted on 03/07/2010




I don't think it depends on the baby at all. YOU think your child was perfectly fine. I wonder what everyone else thought.

Louise - posted on 03/06/2010




Netflix! I think there are theatres that have play times just for moms with kids, usually the first show.

Minnie - posted on 03/04/2010




My daughter was seven months when we took her to Terminator Salvation. Ten months for GI Joe and Transformers 2. She nursed some, watched the action some, and slept through explosions and gunfire some. We received some surprised comments afterwards when people realized a baby had been present and they hadn't even known.

I think it depends on the baby and the movie.

Jane - posted on 03/04/2010




For me personally, if I go to a kid movie (i.e., Antz, Madagascar, Shrek, etc) then I expect that there will be children there including infants. However, if I go to a movie that is PG-13 or higher, I would appreciate people leaving their infants/children home.

Amy - posted on 03/03/2010




i think it comes down to knowing you baby/child. and should probably be a young enough infant that he or she will sleep most of it. if they can keep quiet. fine. if not, you should take them out for the respect of others. ..once baby is quiet, return. i think i will test run a movie with my daughter[ 3yrs old never been as infant] during less busy hours on a weekday. just in case she can't sit still through a whole movie. i do wish there was a kids nite or family nite so everyone can feel more comfortable bringing kids of all ages. and i hope parents know enough to take baby out when making noise..especially at big release premiers. although, more annoying to me is the teenage girl going" omg, he totally just texted me. well, read it! what's this movie about?" grrr. hush!

[deleted account]

I've taken all of my sons to "Stars and Strollers" which is one matinee a week - stroller parking, change tables, lowered volume etc. I have also taken my older children to childrens movies from the age of 2 and they sat and watched the movie and didn't bother anyone. I would not, however, take my children to see an adult movie just because I can't often get a babysitter - if I can't get one I just wait for DVD. It's too loud, and honestly part of the enjoyment of going out to the theatre for a movie with my husband is having some alone time without the kids!

[deleted account]

My ex and I went to the movies when the girls were 2 months old.... a matinee. I nursed them before it started and they slept the whole time. We didn't go to the movies again until they were 3 and it was a movie for them. :) As a regular practice I wouldn't bring an infant to the movies, but once in a rare while if you go in understanding you may be paying just to sit in the lobby.... no big deal. Older than a few months though.... not until they are old enough for it to be a movie for THEM.

IMO, at least. ;)

[deleted account]

You know thats fine, it doesn't bother me most the time...but just the same when I've petitioned the movie theater for an adult movie for parents to bring their kids to and I've yet to see ANYTHING be done in regards to making one then MAYBE the rest of you should complain to your theaters about having to listen to the snot nosed brats? MAYBE that would help those other theaters jump on the ban wagon? But since mine doesn't, and I HAVE called on numerous occasions to make one! And my husband doesn't listen to me that our at the time 2 yr old would not sit through a movie, well then I tend to stop caring! I try to make it as best as possible, and I can understand the other folks who paid money to see a movie, but again PLEASE help me make our theaters offer parents night or whatever in ALL theaters! And if there are parents nights or whatever in your local theaters and you STILL gotta listen to that crap I'm sorry! I just meant that its hard when you're a new parent, since we were talking about infants, to just stop everything you once did...and not every new parent is comfortable leaving thier infant w/someone...or has that option. SURE you could always not go, but that kinda sucks too! Its all the things you lose power of that cause young (albeit a little stupid) parents to neglect thier kids, drive couples apart, and just wreck people's attitudes about parenting and children :( I suppose it could be mean to force a 2 yr old to sit through a movie, but in my case anyways, he was good all before the age of one and when he became mobile it was another story...but just the same we didn't find that out until we brought him there! I just think its such a SUDDEN change that people should be a little more lenient in judging new parents is all...they're all breaking into it together, learning whats good for eachother now and whats not...sure they should have the decency to step out or what have you, but if its just a baby they're new still give em a break! For the rest of us who do this w/our toddlers...well IDK? It was a learning experience for us too :)

[deleted account]

I agree with Gillian. Kids change things and you just have to roll with it. Can't get a sitter to go out? Then don't go out. They'll be out of the house before you know it and you'll miss them. So enjoy them now.

I do have to say though that my husband and I went to the movies for the first time in a year on Valentine's weekend. Worth every penny to have the time to ourselves and enjoy each other! Sometimes being together with your significant other without the kids is worth the monetary sacrafice. We won't do it often, but we have decided that we can cut back somewhere else to have more date nights. We enjoyed it that much!

Lady - posted on 03/02/2010




Wait until it comes out on DVD then rent it that's what I do - your life does change when you have kids, that's life, you can't do what you used to but there are so many good things about having children that they outway the bad. I don't think it's fair on a two year old to drag them along to an adult film and expect them to sit through it and it's not fair on the other people who have paid a lot of money to go and see it too. Sometimes you have to think of others over what you want to do and what you feel you still have the right to do. I'm sure a lot of the time you do, I'm sure a lot of the time you put your kids first but in this case I think you are in the wrong - sorry!

[deleted account]

Unfortunately there is no kids movie night or certain shows for parents w/kids in my area :( My husband had us bring our 2 yr old to see Star Trek, and I'm sure he irritated the people in front of us :( And I felt real bad becaues he didn't want to sit still and all that crap but my husband pushed and I didn't have a parents bring your kids movie night option, we don't have family near by to drop our kids off on a moments notice was not enjoyable as I had to miss the end of the fight scene because a poopy diaper and we haven't gone back! It sucks when you don't have many options! Paying all that money for the movie & a babysitter on top of it :( means NO GO! And well thats what its been, and how it'll be for a good while, but I feel for people who have new kids! Can't we all try to remember what it was like when you had your first baby? How much of a life change it is and then guess what! You can't do crap because theres gonna be a whole lot of pissy people who just don't care! Thats what we get for having kids right...too bad...then we wonder why women want to drop their kids off w/mom all day so they can go have a career and finish school but don't want to wait to have that kid because of the lovely feelings everyone has about having kids past the age of 30! And OMG! What about that woman who is now a single mom and gets chided for going out on weekends...hmmm Guess schools should post all this crap up saying "Don't have kids you will never get to do anything for the rest of your life unless you want to pay ungawdly prices, leave your kids w/others and THEN get looked down upon for doing any of that too!" Ahh i love parenting!

[deleted account]

Funny story: I wanted to go to a movie with my mom and sister-in-law which meant I had just run outta sister tells me to just bring her with us and she'll ' HOPEFULLY ' sleep the whole time?!! LOL! I didn't end up going so needless to say FOR ME, it wasn't something I was willing to do! My sister thinks it's because I was a nervous first time mum but I don't think I would ever take a baby into a theater where everyone is expected to be relatively quiet!

That bein said, my sister used to do it all the time with both my nieces and she said her daughters never slept better.....they just chilled, facing away from the movie screen and didn't make a peep! I also breastfed my daughter until 12 months so if she woke up I couldn't just stick a bottle in her mouth! LOL!

Either way, I don't just wasn't/isn't something I think I would ever do!

As for bringin their child, regardless of age or movie rating? Absolutely not.....the movie rating should apply for children as well! If they have to buy them a ticket, parent consent or not their age and the movie rating should definitely be the ONLY factor affecting whether or not they're allowed to watch!! Kids movie's only!

Jane - posted on 03/02/2010




When my 2nd son was about 9-10 weeks old we took him to a movie. It was his bedtime & he slept thru the whole thing. My best friend also did this with her newborn. We sit near exits, if the baby makes a peep we would walk out. As far as taking a mobile child to a movie that's a big NO for me. If they can't sit still & be quiet for 2 hours then the parents need to get a babysitter. The question of taking a young child to a PG or R movie once they start saying words (any words) that's a huge no for me also. So my 10 month old will not be going to any movie for a long time even if it's G until I know he'll sit & be entertained for 2 hours w/o disturbing others. I don't like going to G movies anyway because of all the loud brats running around...maybe if it was a midnight showing. lol

Lady - posted on 03/02/2010




I think it's a very bizzare practice to take a baby to the cinema - not something I'd even heard of before living in America and not somethimg I would ever concider doing. And as Jennifer said we have a different rating system over here where it's not up to the parents to decide what films their children can go and see.

[deleted account]

No I personally wouldn't with a baby. If the baby starts crying your gonna either ruin everyone elses film or have to miss the film yourself by going outisde to comfort your baby. In the UK you can only take babies into films which are U or PG rated anyways.

[deleted account]

I took my daughter to a movie when she was about 3 months old. It was my moms birthday and she wanted us all to go. As mom is normally my babysitter when I go out, I had to bring baby with me. We sat near the exit so I could leave if she got fussy, which I did out of consideration for the other movie goers. I haven't brought her back since and she is 22 months old. I think she would be able to handle a short kids' movie during the day when not many people are there. But I just haven't seen the need to spend that much money when she might not even enjoy it.

[deleted account]

My MIL keeps bugging us to take our son to the movies with her, my SIL and her two kids. I keep telling her no. My son is 2 and I know he'd never handle being in a theartre for that long. He can't sit still that long so why would I waste the money to spend my time chasing him around. Not to mention that it would irritate the hell out of the other people there. I'll wait until he's older before we bring to the movies. As Charlene mentioned, we have an Empire theatre that does Reel Babies but I won't even take him to that.

Christine - posted on 03/01/2010




Ive taken my daughter to the movie theater when she was 3 months old! My daughter is fascinated by tv and music. Also on the other hand I agree with jocelyn... If the baby doesnt like loud noises and if the baby cries at least have common courtesy and go out of the theater

Charlene - posted on 03/01/2010




What age are we talking about here? Because if it's an infant I would have to go with no. Probably not even kids movies. Just because any theatre I have been in, the sound is almost unbearable for myself, I couldn't imagine how hard it would be on a baby's ears.

Empire theatres have a thing called Reel Babies, where parents can go see a movie and take along their babes. The volume is lowered, there are change tables available etc. I think it happens once a week, depending on where you live.

Jocelyn - posted on 03/01/2010




If they are an infant and don't know what's going on, then they should be able to bring them to any movie. But being a parent you should be responsible about it and (for instance) don't take you baby to an action movie if your baby hates loud noises, and take your baby out of the theatre if he cries.

At a few of our movie theatre in Calgary, they have a couple of Stars and Strollers shows every day; they are great, there is stroller parking, the volume is lower and the lights are not completely off.

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