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Smoking by Movie Characters?

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I caught the tail end of a CNN poll the other day regarding popular movie characters and smoking. I tried to find the poll and couldn't. Interesting though. It was primarily geared at the tween/teen group who frequently see PG, PG13, & R movies. Movie characters often smoke, and the poll questioned whether tweens/teens who view these movies think of the charatcers as a role model. I wish I could find an example of a recent movie character, but like I said, I caught only the tail end of the poll. Any thoughts? Comments?


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Franziska - posted on 06/11/2017




When smoked in movies, a certain gesture, a specific expression is displayed. If children see this as a model, parents should prevent it if they do not smoke themselves.

[deleted account]

I think it could effect a kids choice. If they really like this character & he/she smokes, I could see how the kid would want to copy...

Petra - posted on 09/28/2010




I think its pretty silly to view movie or tv characters as legitimate role models... fictional characters, people! Like all the other ladies have been saying, the greatest influences for/against smoking are your family. Putting that responsibility onto characters, or even celebrities, is a ridiculous way to pass the buck. Parents are supposed to guide their children and help them make informed choices - peer groups have an ever greater impact when kids reach adolescence. If your kids choose to smoke and you blame it on Don Draper for making it look so darn cool, you should really be looking inward for reasons why your child feels this way. Or, look for reasons why your child has access to cigarettes, since its illegal for kids to purchase tobacco.

Candi - posted on 09/27/2010




My mom was an influence on me....I thank her for being a smoker. It led me to never want to smoke! I went to school smelling of smoke, even being threatened with suspension b/c the teachers thought I was smoking in the bathrooms at school. I had to ask my mom not to smoke while taking me to school. The house always smelled bad (smoke), she always smelled like smoke, even when she sends Christmas gifts to my kids, as soon as I open the box, the smell of smoke pours out! My husband used to smoke, but during one of his deployments, he got really sick and lost his appetite for a cigarette. Blessings in disguise!! I am so thankful he was able to quit! I am so happy I can raise my kids in a smoke-free home. I think my mom had an impact on my brother and sister too b/c they have never smoked!

Dawn - posted on 09/26/2010




Mostly peers and family members IMO. My entire family except my parents smoked. I remember being around 6 and pretending to smoke my grandmothers butts from the bathroom ashtray (Gross!!). In 8th grade I had a boyfriend that smoked but I hated it, although I thought he was great!! The next year, I began hanging out with an older girl and I thought she looked so mature so I tried it.......18 years and multiple quits later I am still hooked. Maybe soon I can be successful because I would like my son to not remember his Mommy being a smoker.

[deleted account]

I don't think smoking characters in films have a big impact on whether a teenager starts smoking. I'd say whilst parents smoking may increase the chance it's not always the case. My husband's father smokes and Steven has never smoked...good job because I can't stand smoke lol!

Barb - posted on 09/26/2010




I think my mom had more of an influence on me smoking than any movie character did. Although Darth Vader sounded like he'd smoked for light years. poor guy.

Honestly when i smoked i smelled that comforting smell of my mom because she smoked and it calmed me down and made me feel more comfortable.

So my guess is parents are more of an influence than what you see on TV.

btw, my husband does not smoke, both his parents smoked, and he recalls the dr smoking in the exam room with him and lighting his mom's cigarette while they were talking about when they were going to take his tonsils out. We've come along way, baby!

Rosie - posted on 09/26/2010




all i can tell you is that movie characters had no bearing on whether or not i smoked. my parents smoking on the other hand, sure as hell made me wonder what was so great about it, and so i tried it. i got addicted when i was 19, after i broke up with my fiance of 5 years. he was pretty controlling, didnt like the idea of me smoking, or drinking, or doing much at all really. i went to a party, got drunk, smoked cigarettes, and cheated on him. then came the emotinal aspect of it, and bam i was addicted. my mother was an emotional smoker, and i knew it. i figured that's how she dealt with things, i want to see if it helps.

definitely nothing to do with movie charachters.

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