Switching to More Baby Food!!!

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My son is now 7 and 1/2 months and EVERYONE is hassling me to start him on MORE baby food instead of formula every time he eats. Right now he's eating about 1 jar a day (occasionally 2) if that. I have no objections whatsoever to putting him on Baby Food for the, BUT he pulls a fit for his bottle! Im trying my best to transition him as smoothly as possible but he wont take baby food like he needs to. He's is absolutely set on having his bottle instead of me feeding him.I don't know if it's the bottle it's self, or the formula, but either way he has to have the bottle! Can someone PLEASE give me some advice on how to get him on more baby food?!?!?


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Our son has been eating three meals a day from when he was about 5 months old but he still has 3 bottles of milk and a bottle of juice as well. It is important that babies continue to have their milk (breast or formula) up to 12 months old so continue giving him his milk with the feeds.

Generally I give him his breakfast of porridge followed by his milk (6 oz - 180ml), then his lunch (usually a sandwich of some sort + fruit) and a bottle of juice (we are having issues with him using a sippy cup but he has juice in it too occassionally), then he has his dinner (cooked pasta, caserole etc etc) and a yogurt with a bottle of milk and then he has a final bottle of milk to go to bed with.

We found with my son if we tried to feed him after his milk he was too full which is why we give him his solids first - but many people find that their babies are more reactive when they give them some milk first and then halfway through the bottle give them solids then let them finish the bottle. It is about trial and error and finding what works for your son.

Also try introducing different foods if he only has jars he is getting no new textures to experience and so may be getting bored - also let him play with the food (he may not eat it but feeling the texture is a step to him eating it) and try to encourage him feeding himself - my son who is 8 1/2 months can now spoon feed himself as well as finger feed and he loves it (it is messy but we just put towels on the floor and wash constantly lol). But overall just keep trying at every meal attempt to give at least one solid you will find that eventually he will eat - persistance and patience are really important every child has different needs and wants. good luck

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Just remember "food for fun, until they're one!" and don't worry what others say. You're the mom and you know what's best for your child!

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before there a year the food is more so to help get them ready to eat real food. Is it a texture issue? Have you tried giving a bottle, then some food afterwards? Typically they should continue to drink the same amount of liquid but start to introduce new foods on top of that. Don't worry about the amount of food your child is eating, but more so see what he likes and see if there are any allergies to anything.

Also, my sister in law didn't start feeding her little girl food until she was 9 months old, your doing just fine with your son!


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Breastmilk or formula should be the MAIN source of nutritional 'til 12 months of age....the 'food' is secondary!

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My 10 month old is STILL mainly just breastfed. He doesn't have much interest in food. He usually just chews on veggies, fruits and meats but doesn't eat a lot of it. I wouldn't worry too much. Also have you tried cutting up chunks of apples or carrot or potato and steaming it, and then letting your bub hold it and feed himself? Mine hates the little jar foods but has really shown an interest in holding foods and munching on it. Even without teeth they can do that if it's soft enough. Good luck!

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At that age my daughter had as much food as she wanted for lunch and dinner, followed by her bottle of formula. The girls are right, at this age it's mainly for practice. If your child shows interest in food, great, if not, just try to practice but don't push it.

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For the first year of a babies life formula or breastmilk is all the food they need. The baby food should be used as "practice" eating that helps them learn new, necessary skills such as swallowing a thicker consistency and chewing. The formula should be the main source of nutrition.
If you want to increase the baby food and baby is resistant maybe you can give a few ozs. of a bottle and then offer some food. This way the baby will get the best of both worlds.

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I wouldn't recommend putting baby food in the bottle as he may choke but you could try offering him baby food before milk at each mealtime to give him the chance to eat some solids first. He will gradually eat more. Sounds a bit silly but you could try putting the baby food in a bottle, pouring it into a bowl and see if he will eat it.

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He's on Stage 2 baby foods, a little lumpy not much. He loves the baby food and im sure he would eat it, but he just wants that bottle...i dont really think it's necessarily formula just the bottle. I considered putting baby food in a bottle and letting him eat it out of that but didnt know if i should. I give him small bites of my foods like mashed potatoes occasionally to.

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I think it totally depends on the baby. By your sons age most babies are on 3 meals per day, with milk feeds in between. My son is 7 months old has his breakfast at 7am, milk at 9am, dinner at 11am, milk at 1pm, tea at 3pm then milk before he goes to bed at 7pm. Your son should still be drinking at least 1 pint of milk per day when he is eating 3 meals though. Gradually try to build up the amount of solids he eats. Do you give him solids or bottle first and is he still on the pureed food or is he on lumpy food now?

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My son was (is) breastfed, but he had only random interest in food at that age... up til he was over a year actually. I never pushed it/worried about it.

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