Toxins in baby shampoo

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This article talks about toxins found in many popular Johnson & Johnson baby products. It seems that there are lots of toxins in our cosmetics as it is. J&J is finally discussing the issue. They're currently trying to phase out these toxins. Although for whatever reason this is in the U.S., Canada and China. J&J products in other countries don't have the toxins. Do you use J&J products? Will you switch now?

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Samantha - posted on 01/21/2013




I never use J&J products...especially their "baby oil" which is mineral oil, ugh! I use Dr. Bronner's lavender diluted and coconut oil, or just water as a baby's skin is naturally perfect!

Sally - posted on 01/19/2013




To be safe in the long term storage required for commercial sales, anything with water in it needs preservatives. In limited amounts, over a limited part of an adult body, for a limited time every one of them is safe. Unfortunately, almost all liquid soaps, hair care and styling products, lotions, toothpastes and cosmetics have several and we cover ourselves in them several times per day from birth. At those levels, they're very carcinogenic. The vegetable based ones in "natural" products are less bad than the petroleum based ones in most brand name products, but in the amounts the average person uses, they're still not safe. I didn't even know this until I grew a kid who's allergic to preservatives. When I found out just how bad they are and how much of them are in everything, the whole family stopped using almost all of them. We make our own or buy from individuals who make them and we all have much healthier skin and hair now.

Margarita - posted on 01/19/2013




For my toddler, I use Dr. Brown's Castille soap as a bodywash and California Baby shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and bubble bath. For house cleaners I tend to use BabyGanics, seventh generation and method depending on what I can find the best deal on. I had already read up on J&J while pregnant, so I never even bought the stuff, but I did use the Aveeno baby lotion (the sensitive unscented formula) as well as the BabyGanics bodywash as they had a decent rating on the Skin Deep database, but considering how little we need to use on her, I decided to just stick with California Baby which has a better rating since the additional expense ends up becoming negligible. I'm slowly working on "greening" my own make-up and skin care; but I use many of them so sparingly I have to be careful as a lot of mineral make-up has no preservatives and I use it so seldomly I worry it will go back before I'm halfway done. I do appreciate that J&J is trying to "phase-out" the toxins, but have no desire to use them while they wait. The fact is they've known for a while how toxic they're stuff was and already have products, like Aveeno which they own, that are less toxic, so why not just start from there?

Tinker1987 - posted on 11/04/2011




I use J&J Naturals.but i think i will try something else. the Live cLEAN line is pretty good too

Minnie - posted on 11/04/2011




We've never used Johnson & Johnson. We use chemical-free shampoo, soap and lotion. I don't wear make-up.

Kate CP - posted on 11/03/2011




California baby is awesome. I also really like Mrs. Meyer's brand but I'm having a hard time finding it in stores recently. :/

Caitlin - posted on 11/03/2011




Comercial cosmetic stuff is so packed with toxins and harsh chemicals I almost never use it at all.. Cringe if you may, but beyond shampoo when my kids hair is REALLY dirty, they get baths with either epsom salt or baking soda for their skin and wash just with water. SO much better for their eczema anyways, and my first can't use burts bees stuff because it contains dairy and she's allergic (almost made THAT mistake once - which would have been REALLY bad). Myself I use the harsh shampoo on my hair, cause it's very oily most of the time (probably because I only find time to shower maybe twice a week due to 3 kids under 3) I just avoid using the harsh stuff on my kids unless they REALLY need it.

[deleted account]

Sara, we're just starting out with the baking soda on hair thing. What I do now is mix about 2 tbsp to about 16 ounces of water and slowly pour over my head as I massage. Then for a conditioner I mix 1 part apple cider vinegar to 5 parts water and do the same. So far it's working well. I'm not oily and my hair is soft. My scalp is a bit itchy but from everything I've read that's normal during the transition period. I hope to eventually only need to rinse my hair daily and use the baking soda/acv once a week.

My husband used to use baking soda as toothpaste and mentioned doing that as well. It's taking me a while to wrap my mind around not using shampoo, so I'm going to hold off on the toothpaste thing for now. Maybe eventually.

September - posted on 11/02/2011




We use Jason brand for our son but did use J&J originally. We switched about 1.5 years ago when I read a similar article to what you've shared. I love the Jason brand and not only do they have shampoo, they have all kinds of things. I use the sunscreen, toothpaste, body wash and bug spray as well and love them all!

[deleted account]

I was reading comments where this article was shared and moms were saying that Burt's Bees was recently bought out by Clorox. Not sure if that's true. We currently use J&J naturals which is apparently ok, but I'm going to get California Baby from now on I think. I use vingegar and baking soda for cleaning. How do you use baking soda for hair? Do you make a paste with it or store it a certain way in the shower? Or do you just sprinkle powder on your head? We buy the 10 lb bag of it at Sam's Club because I already use it for cleaning and for cloth diapers. It's frustrating to me because I feel like unless I stop using every cosmetic product then I'm screwed one way or the other. I looked up our sunscreen, but have just started checking our other products on the Skin Deep Cosmetic Database.

[deleted account]

We use Burt's Bees. But honestly, I don't know what half those ingredients are either. I've been phasing out products like this in our lives (household cleaners, soap, etc) and switching them out for homemade natural versions. Recently, my husband and I decided to try phasing out shampoo and using baking soda. So far, so good. I guess I need to try it with the kiddos, too.

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