What does your husband/partner think of COM?

Lady - posted on 04/26/2010 ( 25 moms have responded )




I'm just interested to know what everybody elses husband or patner thinks about COM. Mine quite likes it although I think sometimes he wishes I spent as much time on the housewrk as I did the computer. lol! But he like hearing about what we're talking about and he like to know the different points of view. I think like a lot of men he finds women quite facinating and intriguing so is always curious to know what we're up to. He reads a football (soccer) forum which is probably the polar opposite of here, men all jesting with each other and talking about sport.
His favourit thread so far was probably the one on the DM page where everybody posted videos from their youth, right up until whitney huston and celine dion started getting posted, then he kind of lost interest!!


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Jane - posted on 04/28/2010




My husband says "are you on the Cirlcle thing again?" and then laughs at me. When I find something really interesting, I'll bring it up to him and then he and I will have a debate about it. I love it and he loves that I love it and finds some of the topics interesting. Would he ever participate? Heck no but he likes hearing about some of the more juicy debates :)

Ashley - posted on 04/27/2010




my boyfriend only doesn't like it when I try and get him to give me an opinion on the discussion at hand lol. Otherwise he could really care less. He is not a big computer guy so he doesn't get why i like talking to strangers so much but it helps keep me sane!

Amy - posted on 04/27/2010




My husband doesn't really care one way or the other. If we need advice about our son sometimes I'll post and we'll talk about it, but that's about it. We have so many other things that we talk about that we just don't have time to talk about this that much.

Charlie - posted on 04/27/2010




The welcome page definitely keeps us on our toes !!! you would not believe some of the "delights " we have had to face .

[deleted account]

I would hate to have to mod that page Loureen!!! Eeek. My husband hates all social networking sites! But then again "kin keeping" is a woman's thing apparently and it is easier for me to do it w/these wonderful sites! I got so many family members up here on FB! I get lots of eye rolls when I come on CoM or talk about it. It causes conversations we wouldn't have had otherwise and its a nice diversion from our non-dramatic life! We just take all your drama, plus that of fam & friends and let it die there! We were just talking about our happily drama free life tonight!

Oh, my 3 yr old pointed out the F from a facebook logo on TV the other day and said "that's the F mom clicks on" and my husband probably did one of those eye rolls and an "oh great" then! LOL

Charlie - posted on 04/27/2010




Jamie rolls his eyes , he thinks its hilarious how into i get especially with the debating and when i get frustrated at having to moderate 8 million women on the welcome page LOL

Shelley - posted on 04/26/2010




I have been in womans groups for yrs infact some of my bf I met on the net over the yrs he has no problems with it at all.

Kristin - posted on 04/26/2010




My husband finds most of what is in here to be just strange. He doesn't understand why some of us come here first over the doctor.

Belinda - posted on 04/26/2010




He got a good laugh off the porn debate. And he asks "Are you writing on your Circle of Drama page again?" (Rolls eyes) whatever...he's just jealous!

Rosie - posted on 04/26/2010




my husband rolls his eyes sometimes when i talk about it, but he does seem to be interested in the heated debates as well. he can't believe some of the things that are said on here! lol!

Jackie - posted on 04/26/2010




My husband also has no facebook or anything, i tell him how out of control some of these things get...and we laugh at people together b/c him and i share the same parenting philosophies...so it never creates a debate, more of a WTF are people thinking type convos....which many times diverts to how his ex raised their kid...etc etc. So it can create good convo...but he doesn't care one way or the other about it, or if I tell him what we talk about.

April - posted on 04/26/2010




my husband jokes that he thinks it's a cult of moms who are secretly lesbians who are getting off on each other!!!

Keisha - posted on 04/26/2010




My fiance really enjoys me telling him about all the different topics and different peoples points of view. We sometimes end up having hour long conversations about some topics. he thinks that some of you are crazy... lol but that its a fantastic thing for me to be able to talk to other moms, with different thoughts and opinions.

[deleted account]

Jocelyn, that is hilarious because my husband calls you all my "fake friends" too!

But he does enjoy some of the conversations that come out of these debates.

Suzette - posted on 04/26/2010




@Krista and Shannon, My husband is the same way. He doesn't really care, or hear too much, about CoM unless it's about the heated debates or the outlandish things that are posted. Then I get a good laugh out of what he says or his facial expression. haha... always the best!!

[deleted account]

My husband thinks it's funny how heated our debates can get.. He enjoys reading what other woman think.

LaCi - posted on 04/26/2010




Boyfriend doesn't really care. He's always had a message board thing, so I guess he feels like at least I get it now. Sometimes I ask his opinion on things, so it starts up conversations we wouldn't have had otherwise.

Krista - posted on 04/26/2010




My husband doesn't really care about it one way or another. Although sometimes, I'll tell him about the more outlandish things that people say on here, and get a good laugh out of his bewildered reaction.

Emma - posted on 04/26/2010




My hubby thinks its funny as the only female friends i have are on hear ...lol
In real life ive only got guy friends so i don't talk about the same stuff with them.
My hubby also enjoys the peace and quite as i debate with you and not him as he says he really dose not have an opinion on baby toe nail painting or bows on baby's...lol

Sarah - posted on 04/26/2010




My husband likes to hear about some of the debates we have. He often jokes that he will infiltrate and put his point of view in! (he's a bit more extreme with how he comes across than me! lol) He's said "What you should say is........"

However, he also thinks that it's a good place for women for sit around bitching about their husbands/partners/men in general! I just say "As we would do a think like that!" ;)

Jocelyn - posted on 04/26/2010




My hubby makes fun of me "Are you talking to your fake friends again?" He's such a dick lol.

[deleted account]

My husband doesn't take much interest to be honest. He doesn't have a facebook account and doesn't plan on getting one lol! He isn't a member or any forums either. And yeah same here - he wishes I didn;t spend so much time on the laptop when he's at work.

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