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Does anyone have a good natural method for preventing lice? There is an outbreak at my son's school and my head is itching just thinking about it. I don't want to even have to deal with it if there is something we could eat or put on his head that would repel them.


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April - posted on 04/24/2009




I work with a company that has a shampoo which contains melaleuca oil (tea tree oil). All of the products they manufacture are safer for your family than grocery store brands. They have products ranging from hair and skin products to environmentally friendly household products to vitamins and supplements. Let me know if you're interested. gajwill@vitalityforlife.com

Mother - posted on 04/17/2009




Ooooo....forgot. Tea tree is excellent to prevent and even get rid of. Somethign that works even better is oil of oregano!!!

Trinna - posted on 02/13/2009




hi,My daughter started kindergarten this year and almost every week we get the dreaded red note sent home that a child in her class has lice.I found fairytales haircare...and so far so good!!The only thing is its pricey for me cuz I live in Canada..but I will pay it,I just don't ever want lice in my home!!lol..and also tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner also..or just the oil mixed in with any conditioner works too.

Sam - posted on 02/08/2009




hi sorry for the delay reply

if u wanted a alternative to the off the shelf then

lice deterrent essentail oils are






these r the most suitable for children

an excellent preventative synergistic blend is equal parts of rosemary, lavender and lemon. 2 drops to the final rinse after shampooing.

as rosemary is used for all creepy crawlies from making there home the hair.

lavender is a well established insect repellent.

if u think theres lice in the hair then theres a remedy that should b rubbed into the scalp and left over night, let me know if u need it.

i do hope this is what u were looking for.

all the best

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I found this information at: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article...

Coconut Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

Coconut oil hairstyles kids strive to achieve, using hair spray or hair gel shouldn’t be a problem. 

Coal Tar Shampoo

Coal tar shampoo, used these days to treat serious cases of dandruff and other scalp conditions, is one of the oldest treatments for head lice. If you receive a notice from your kid’s school warning that a case of head lice has been detected, consider having your child wash their hair with coal tar shampoo. Follow product label instructions and seriously consider warnings and precautions. Preventing head lice before it strikes is much wiser than searching for treatments afterwards. 

Tonya - posted on 02/06/2009




.. and i used the fairytales leave in spray when i was working with children in a third world country and i never got lice, so it's worth a try!

Tonya - posted on 02/06/2009




fairytales hair care products are supposed to work well. i know people who have used them. i'm thinking of replacing my son's regular shampoo with fairytales when he starts kindergarten just to be safe!

there are tips in how to deal with lice on the website too:


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