Is it ok to give antibiotics again and again

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My kid is of 3 yrs but he is very prone to infections.. Most common is cold and fever..
Doctor has prescribed antibiotics before but again in a month's time he got cold and fever
Any natural products that will help me cure him coz don't want to give my kid antibiotics again..


Chantal - posted on 03/14/2012




My oldest son when he was a baby started getting very sick after his 3 month old vaccine shot. He landed in the hospital they thought he had meningitis..He had peumonia. well from then on he got ear infection after ear infection..and got high fevers. Unfortunately It was routine to prescribe antibiotics back then. He ened up having ear tubes put in. When he was in 3rd grade I was told he had ADHD because he was always figitting in school hyper and couldn't stay seated. so he went on concerta. after a month didn't work and I took him to a naturopath who tested him for allergies..Yup he had many . all the food dyes, and a list of culprits. he gave me homeopathic which helped but didn't cure his always figgiting around. So one day while at the health food store I shared my story and the owner told me sounds like he has candida..a yeast overgrowth from too many antibiotics. So I put him on a strict whole food diet and he took vitamins , probobiotics...well he was like a different kid. no more figgitng, he said he felt so much better. His stomach aches went away too! that was over 20 yrs ago! Today my son is very laid back not hyper at all and no health problems. My youngest was tested by blood for allergies and he does have 11 food milk, wheat 2 of the biggest culprits and etc...I see this a old post I hope hes better now!

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YES! In your child's case, yes! Listen to your Pediatrician, please. Take all meds until the bottle is empty, follow the directions and space the time out properly, please don't miss doses. I hope your boy gets better soon.

Your Dr. would not prescribe antibiotics unless your child is proven to have, or probably has a bacterial infection. Bacterial infections are very aggressive and can be life altering if not life threatening to a child. What type of infection does your boy have? Where is it effecting him? Has a sensitivity test been performed for your susceptible child? If not, consider another pediatrician who studies Western medicine. The practice of homeopathy on a child is just irresponsible. I’m sick of hearing about it. If you are an adult, fine. Do it on yourself, not an innocent child!

Homeopathic concoctions do NOT treat infection. Do not treat children with homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy is hullabaloo.

As you said, your child is VERY prone to infections of some sort. The terms, "cold or fever" are reserved for symptoms of infections, not the actual microbe infecting your child, so does not give me any info as to what he's specifically susceptible to.

If your child has been prescribed one antibiotic for his infection and not improved or has re-infected within 30 days time, and the Dr. prescribes another, that one might be more effective against the specific microbe causing your child's problem.

Probiotics, like a previous poster said, is great to help boost your child’s natural flora, but does NOT fight your child's infection, see the difference? "pro" meaning "for or insupport of" and "anti" meaning "against" and biotics are the bacteria.

DO NOT STOP taking antibiotics prescribed. Anyone saying homeopathic meds could fight an infection or even prevent infection (especially in a susceptible child) have to be stopped. Your Pediatrician should have performed a disc diffusion sensitivity test to specify the antibiotics that best inhibit your child's infection.

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If your child has been on antibiotics, make sure to give probiotics after to help balance him again.

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ok im not trying to attack you but why is your doctor prescribing antibiotics for a cold? antibiotics are for bacterial infections, not viruses. I understand taking your kid to the doctors bc he is sick. From what I have heard giving antibiotics over and over again is not good b/c if it is a bacterial infection, the bacteria could be come resistant to the type of antibiotics you are giving which can lead to MRSA.( I am not saying it will) Don't get me wrong we all have MRSA to an extent in our noses and eyes


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Elderberry syrup is amazing ! also as someone already mentioned give echinacea as a preventative (great for boosting immune system) I give it to my 3 year old and he loves it. From Herb Pharm a tincture with sweet orange oil in it. (it is made with glycerin not alcohol) There are tons of other herbs out there that are good for colds, fevers, etc. check out Mountain rose herbs , and annies remedies for more ideas. Some work better than others.

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Boost your child's immune system. Always go deeper to any illness & get answers to why rather than cover them up with antibiotics. You can't go wrong by going to a naturalpath. Remember there is good ones & not so good ones. Do your research and find the best one, you can't go wrong as you haven't got the side affects that goes with other medicine. But you have to keep the balance when you need to use Doctors for other things. And my first choice is using a naturalpath than second a Doctor. Look for one's that do Iridologists, live blood analysis, etc.
I hope this helps you.

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homeopathic meds, in my experience, do not work. Ive studied the process of dilution and the homeopathic remedy becomes merely a placebo.

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No! Our bodies build up tolerances to antibiotics when they are taken over more than 2 weeks. I suggest alternating antibiotics. There are so many out there that are not of a penecillin type. like how you alternate motrin and tylenol to bring a fever down.

If the infections are recurrent, then he is immune or tolerant to the meds.

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i have found antiboiotics blocks the imune system when given to much but with a cold a warm soothing bath with mint leaves will help the cold but i guess i dont know why so many antibiotics without an infection but then again a fever is ment to fight off the infection its the dodys natural defence against infection a fever in itself is a good thing thats what i know from my naturalist docter in peirze

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homeopathy is more than just said "hullabaloo"
It is not irresponsible to try homeopathy. There are so many "western" drugs that have been taken off the market for their absurd and dangerous side effects. Both western medicine, and alternative medicines have their place. The nice thing about homeopathy is there shouldn't be any side effects and you can take things on the side of antibiotics and also when the antibiotics are done.

To clarify, the earlier post was meant to say take probiotics along with antibiotics, not as a substitute (as i think one poster assumed)

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There are many homeopathic remedies that are really effective with helping with an array of symptoms. A good book is " Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child" it gives a description of common illnesses provides traditional recommendations, homeopathy, herbal, acupressure and other recommendations as well. Two remedies that my whole family takes when a cold is coming on are Ferrum Phosphoricum and Kali Mur, they help very quickly! A fever, as long as it isn't too high, is a good thing, it means the body is working like it is supposed to, to try to fight off illness. Maybe consider going to a Homeopath so that they can help make recommendations specific to your child's situation and help get to the root of the recurring problem. Good luck!!

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It doesn't help if he takes something after he gets the infection, the body is already fighting it off! I would suggest reading Dr. Mendelsohn's "How to Raise a Healthy Child... In Spite of Your Doctor." I love that book. If you want to do something, stick with prevention!
PS- I mentioned to my boyfriend the other day that I haven't had to go to a doctor (knock on wood) since I quit GOING to a doctor!

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oh sure, do you have a local health store? Or even Walmart has some products! Do you have a preference for herbs or homeopathic?
First of all, is he on a multivitamin?? If not, that may be part of the problem.
How much milk and dairy does he consume? Most naturopaths will say dairy increases mucus and drainage, try decreasing or cutting it out all together for a week or so.
Homeopathics- Hylands and other companies have mixes labeled cold and fever right on them- if you want more specifics, just ask for a break down.
Herbs- some are more related to your area, due to the soil or farming practices (or city polutants). But echeneacha and goldenseal are the biggies for colds and fevers.
Good luck!!

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