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Hi, I am new. I have a patch on the back of my head that has been there for over two years. It itches all the time and when i itch it sometimes I have flakes come off and it gets all over my shirt. I have dried all the shampoos for dandruff and dry scalp. I have seen my dr and she just told me to use a dandruff shampoo, which I already had tried all of them. All they do is burn when they go on and then nothing after I rinse it out. I am tired of itching my head all day and I was wondering if anyone has any natural remedies that might help. I have switched to an all natural shampoo too. I appreciate any advice. Thank you.



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I believe it is actually a yeast infection on your head. Which is not at all uncommon. Dandruff shampoos will alleviate the itching for awhile, but it will always come back. It happens because your body produces or retains alot of yeast, so in most people it comes out on the head. You can do a yeast cleanse which will help eliminate the yeast in your body, and you can also use a shampoo called Nizoral (you can find it almost anywhere..especially Walmart). It's expensive, but when I use clears up in a matter of days. Then I use it once a week for up keep.


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Hi. I don't know a lot about this stuff, but I have friends who used coconut oil! The man of the house had about the same problem you've mentioned. They bought some coconut oil and melted a little each day and rubbed it on the dry spot on his head. I don't recall how long it took for it to clear up, but it did work! You might want to add coconut oil to what you're already trying. (This may not be very successful if you are allergic to coconuts) :)

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Thanks ladies. I will try some of that. I am vegetarian, mostly vegan and I have done several cleanses. Nothing seems to help with the diet and cleanses. I will try some of the other things.

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Oh I think it sounds like psoriases... I have psoriases and it is EXACTLY like that, I used to drive my friends instead sctraching my head while we studied... I'm so used to it I didn't even notice!

There are so many remedies for psoriases I have been overwhelmed. Natual health stores sell some psoriases stuff but here is some info. that are group owner, Holly emailed me about it:

I did some research and this is what I found.  You don't have to do all of this.  Just start with a few and keep working at it.  Ailments usually take 3 months to clear up.

It is caused by acid in the blood.  Diet is important.  Doing a candida diet may be helpful.  A clean colon supports digestion.  Eat according to your blood type.

Noni Juice - 4 oz. or Tai Go - 2 oz.
Ultimate Green Zone - 3 tsp. daily
Enviro Detox
Pau D'Arco lotion mixed with tea tree oil, apply to skin
Skin Detox

Vit / Minerals:
Beta Carotene
Silver Shield
Zinc - 100 mg daily
B-Complex - 3 daily
Lecithin 6-12 or Black Currant Oil 2, 3X daily
Omega 3 + Flax Seed oil
Candida Clear

Healing AC cream + Silver Shield Gel

Eliminate red meat, avoid unhealthy fats, fried foods, milk, acid fruits.  Drink 1 qt. carrot/celery juice, potato pealing broth.  Check pH for acids, reduce sugar.

Bergamot, lavender, chamomile mixed in Healing AC cream

Mini Program (should get results quickly):
Ultimate Green Zone, Ayurvedic Skin Detox, and 5.5 acid water

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