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Hey there, Erin here, and going in to my 6th month right away. I have had an easy pregnancy so far with no complications and am planning for a natural vaginal birth. Although I know every pregnancy is different and anything can happen (drugs or other interventions may become necesarry if a medical emergency recquires) I'd really like to try drug free, with as few interventions as possible.

I'm wondering what others may have used to help ease pain, stress, and anxieties.

Any specific herbs and how they are administered?

essential oils?

meditation or breathing techniques?

What worked for you?


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Congratulations on making a great choice to birth naturally. I did not undertake any classes. but wanted to add my thoughts on how I successfully birthed naturally. My two births were 100% intervention free. Both were incredible experiences and I would choose no other way to bring my children into the world.

It's all about mental preparation. Visualise exactly how you want yourself to behave during labor and the birth. Run that vision over and over and over and over in your mind before you start anything. This was my first action. I started visualising both my births months before hand, and fair enough things happened that I didn’t plan on happening (waters not breaking in first labor and waters breaking 36 hours before my second labor started) but I really knew what I wanted and put 'it' out there in order to achieve.

During labor keep upright and keep moving. Gentle rocking worked amazingly for me. Use your voice. Heavy breaths through contractions, moaning and verbalising your strength flowing down and open really helps too. Showers and sitting in a bath can also help. I kept my eyes closed throughout all contractions and then towards the end they were closed most of the time, internalising my energy, conserving my energy. The actual delivery was also upright. I was on my knees leaning over the head of the bed. Just follow however your feeling at the time and do whatever you feel like doing at the time.

Have a support person (or two), that truly understand what you would like to achieve. I had my husband and my sister. They were amazing. They knew exactly how I wanted to birth although their main goal apart from looking after me, was to make sure we made the best decision at all times throughout the labor and birth and to keep me and our baby safe. They got anything I asked for (drinks, towels, back rubs etc) and just provided a calm and ‘in control’ atmosphere.

Good luck. :)

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Hi Erin,

I had a natural home birth for my son (first child), we had two wonderful midwives. I am a Certified Herbal Consultant, Community Health Advisor and Certified Natural Practitioner in Canada. We took some birthing and postpartum classes from a Doula. With my background, the help of midwives and information from the Doula we where in our opinion as prepared as you could be. My dad was present and brewed a special tea, my husband filled the birthing tub, and we had essential oils on hand. My husband had learnt massage techniques. I had all these natural remedies on hand and list of techniques for my dad and husband to use. In the end I only used the tub, breathing techniques and went into my own little world and only focused on the midwife when she talked to me.

Natural Birthing in my experience was primal and instinctual and I would do it again. It hurt a lot but not enough for drugs.

My advice is just to go with the flow, you may not need any of the massage techniques and remedy’s, have them on hand just in case but don’t focus on them. Be prepared and do a lot of research, the more you understand about the birthing process the more relaxed you will be. Also if you need pain medication don’t feel bad every woman is different as is every birth.

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I am a massage therapist & I'm 4 months pregnant with my second. I am planning a home water birth. I am reading Hypnobirthing by Marie Mongan, which was recommended to me by my Naturopath. My Mom is a hypnotherapist and she helped me with my dilation process when I had my first child. I did a hospital birth with my son because I thought I had to. I had scar tissue around my cervix from previous surgery and I believe the hypnotherapy was the #1 reason I was able to dialate completely, avoiding the dreaded C-section. Self-hypnosis is what Hypnobirthing teaches, which is essentially the same as meditation. I also believe you should visualize exactly how you want your birth to go as much as possible during your pregnancy. This will help you relax & feel confident when the time comes to deliver.

The essential oils that would be most helpful to you during labor are Clary Sage, Jasmine & Lavender. Check out a website called "aworldof" There are instructions for exactly how to use these oils so that they are the most helpful. Best of luck to you!

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Hi Erin congrats on your this your first? I took a Bradley Method childbirth class to help prepare for my was helpful in practicing some relaxation techniques and learning different positions that are helpful. Being mobile is key...walking around, changing positions, squatting, laboring in the tub, shower, sitting on a birth ball, sitting on the toilet (sounds weird but is very helpful), having good supportive people around....all of this helped me. I wish you the best!


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Genevieve - posted on 05/12/2010




I would suggest Hypno-birthing. It was an amazing book. I read it before my daughter (first and only child) was born and practiced the relaxation exercises. Unfortunately, I had to be induced so the drugs caused my contractions to be all over the place and only seconds apart. Even though my birth didn't go as I had planned. The book really helped me to get as close to a natural birth as I was able to and it helped me to make better choices. I was calm all the way through and I was able to keep control of myself.

If anything it put my worries to rest, made me feel more comfortable and understand the whole process so much better. I highly recommend reading this book.

Michal - posted on 03/22/2010




Hi Erin,
Firstly congrats! :)
I personally had a home birth with both my children, and that in itself alleviated the stress levels.
As for specific natural aids:
1- If you feel "stuck" with your dilation, sweet orange essential oil works wonders moving things along. It did with me anyway. Put 3-4 drops on a handkerchief and start sniffing. Within 30 minutes to 1 hour it should take the full effect.
2- If you need help focusing/"getting into the zone", but are too stressed, I recommend rescue remedy. I'm a big girl so I needed 10 drops in some water. YMMV. Consult with your Naturopath.
3- If you haven't already - do prenatal yoga. It helps preparing your body for giving birth, and provides for stress reliving venue.

Autumn - posted on 03/16/2010




BREATHING!! it is so important... and one of the hardest things to remember... I would advise you take a birthing class...

Brooke - posted on 03/08/2010




Bradley Method is amazing!! I already have one and almost about to have another. It is 10 to 12 weeks of classes but well worth it. you will feel so at ease after the 10 classes!!! Good luck!

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Hi Erin - First I would recommend taking a Bradley Method class or other alternative class in your area, and seek out a mid-wife or doula as well. Do check your hospitals, some have Alternative Birthing Centers in them that most people don't even know about. Educate yourself and your partner on what to expect during labor and delivery. Knowing what stage you are at is VERY helpful and it will help you feel normal to know how you feel is normal :)

Also, if your birthing plan/wishes don't go as hoped for, don't get down on yourself. Remember the doctor's (and your) number 1 goals are for a healthy mom and baby. Plus, if you are into homeopathy or other alternative care you can get of any toxins you may get from intravenous methods with the advice of professionals in those fields.

Congratulations on taking healthy care and being proactive for you and your baby!

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Hi Erin, Congratulations on your baby!!! I birthed both my babys naturally, the first in the hospital and the second at home. You have gotten some really good advice on here, some of which I wish I would have heard before delivering :). Definitly make sure you can move around and walk it makes things go faster in my opinion. I found with my second one that counting through the contractions helped them seem shorter, I spent most of my labor in the bath tub which was much more relaxing. Above all listen to your body and do what feels right for you. My Midwife also encouraged me to start with little pushes as soon as it felt like I should, it made the last few major pushes much easier because it happened gradually rather than going from not pushing at all to pushing as hard as possible. Best of luck with your birth, listen to your body and you'll do great!!!

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Hi Erin-I have a 6 month old that was born at home in a birthing tub. 3 things that really helped me. 1-Leaning on a birthing ball on my hands and knees and rocking with the contractions. I used visualizations of waves washing over me with each contraction. 2-If you are a singer singing through the contractions really helped. It gave me something to focus on and helped me keep my throat open which is directly related to your cervix, 3-at first I didn't progress because I was trying to control my labor it wasn't until I fully gave in and let my body do what it needed to that I started dialating. If you are birthing in a hospital I highly recommend a Doula who can run interference for you. it is likely that well meaning nurses will offer you epidurals regularly and you need someone there to encourage you. You partner can do it buut sometimes seeing their wife or girlfriend in pain is too much for them. Lastly labor at home as long as possible. The further along you are the less likely they are to mess with you. The book birthing from within is really wonderful. Good Luck. YOU CAN DO IT. :)

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I highly recommend Bradley classes but if you already took some- atleast read the book! It will talk about tons of relaxation and breathing techniques!
Where are you delivering? Make sure they will allow you move around, walk around, do they offer a birthing ball, jaquzzi, or birthing tubs?? I delivered all three of ours natural, no problems, no drugs. If you know a local herb specialist, they can mix up an oil to massage into your back (usually lower) to help relax the muscles. I'm not sure exactly what it was, I'd have to check with my natropathic friend who made it up for me.
For me, I shy away from the hypnobirthing. I've heard a few bad stories about delivering in the bathroom because they hypnotized themselves and didn't make it to the hospital. Also, while yes I won't lie, it hurts, but I WANTED to experience birth. This is something women have been doing for thousands of years without all this stuff we've come up to lessen the pain. YOU CAN HANDLE IT!! It makes the delivery that much more enjoyable and you get an endorphin surge! Why would you want to miss it?!?!?!
BTW, I am also pregnant with our sixth (we've had two losses, three here on Earth with us) but am early enough we haven't told very many people. No one I know hangs out on Circle of Moms so I feel pretty safe saying it here so please allow me to burst out:

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This is an email I got from a friend of mine who has had 2 children using hypno-birthing methods. I hope this info helps you:

Hey thank you Donna! Yes, I know a lot of women who LOVE hypno-birthing, and a key part of that is the doula they hire. You can find doulas all over the US, and most of the time insurance companies pay for them during labor. I had a doula (a trained, certified lady who helps you) for my first birth, and then didn't need one for the second. Here's a link for doulas in Texas (I think you are still there?):

And here are two links with great hypno-birthing sites:

Erin - posted on 02/08/2010




Hi Erin! I'm an Erin too and I had my son 8 years ago completely natural at the Birth Place at St. Mary's Hospital in Waterbury. I gave birth in the birthing tub, which in and of itself helps with ease and pain of labor. My husband worked on some trigger points in my hands, we used lavender candles (supposed to be calming) and used very soothing meditative music. I'd like to say everything went perfectly, but my labor was extremely quick. I didn't get to actually labor in the tub, just hoped in and pushed him out!! So was it what I used? Was it the excellent care I had during pregnancy (my hubby's a chiropractor)? Or was I destined for a nice, quick labor? I don't know, but I hope this helps you.
Good luck! It will be beautiful!

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