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Erin - posted on 04/29/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Does anyone have any thoughts on speech delay in young toddlers (age 15-18 months)? My son is about to turn 17 months and still only says mama and dada. He is learning how to wave and can imitate some sounds, but doesn't say much of anything else. His daycare teacher feels that he might need speech therapy and might have a slight hearing impairment. I am just curious if anyone else has ran into these issues and might have some suggestions of how to work through this. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


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Anita - posted on 06/18/2010




I had the same thing with my daughter, who is now 8. I booked her into a speech therapist, just to make sure everything was okay, as the earlier you start the quicker the issue is resolved. The process is simple a check up with hearing and the doctor to make sure everything is formed etc. Also making sure that you only use smaller words, or breaking long words into phonetics with them and look at them when making sounds, games are good too. Also for you stand in front of the mirror and say a few things but watch where you put your tongue and then sit with your boy and teach him how keep it fun though...try rhyme as well it will challenge you and keep life fun...my girl came home this yr with an award for public speaking and is now doing tongue twisters as well as talking my and anyone elses ears who will sit/stand still long enough. She had 4 yrs of therapy and although I could understand her no one else seemed to and it was frustrating for her to be always repeating herself, so she stopped trying to talk for a while.
good luck
Go get a check up with the doctor and see where it goes from there

Candace - posted on 05/02/2010




I mentioned similar issues to my doctor when my daughter was 2, my doctor assured me not to worry. If she was closer to 3 he would be a little concerned. My mom said the same as I was a late talker. Anyway, she is almost 2 and a half and her speech is progressing nicely. She really only started about a month ago and she seems to be learning quickly.
Personally I think we worry to much :) of course it is hard not to. I do work with Kaitlin myself almost everyday, we have various flashcards with words, letters and numbers on them. We make a game of it and she loves it. She has recently taken a greater interest in books so I take advantage when ever I can. Ultimately I think your son is still young and is probably taking in more then you think, don't rush him too much everybody learns at their own pace. I am learning not to compare Kaitlin to other kids her age and embrace her strengths and weaknesses.
If you are still worried then seek advice from a doctor or even a speech therapist, it can't hurt and you know your son better then anyone!

Cheryl - posted on 05/02/2010




yes, my son as well was late talking. partly it was due to an older sister who said everything for him ;-) and partly due to his enlarged tonsils putting pressure onto his austain tubes (I know i spelt that wrong- the tube from you ears that drain down to the back of your throat. he never had ear infections but when he turned three we did opt to have his tonsils out and tubes in his ears. within a week, his speech improved, slept through the night soundly, no more snoring, and eating increased.

We had done a therapy type thing at 18 months. Basically she told us to help sister back off and let him speak for himself and to spend time one on one- reading and pointing out things and having him repeat what the items or animals were. We also teach some basic sign language to our children when they're toddlers- it really helps during this in between time.

Now he's 5, learning to read, etc and is pretty much fine. There are still some mispronouncitations but we just correct them as we hear them and not make a big deal out of them. But you figure, he went his first 3 years hearing words like he was underwater- very muffled. There are going to be some mispronounciations!

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