Wrist pain??

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Did anybody's wrist start to hurt after giving birth? Or does anyone have carpal tunnel? Any homeopathic remedies to help?


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Yeah, the tests are definately expensive.... I had the tests run on mine.... an ENT.... where they shock your nerves from your wrist up to your neck, then they poke your nerve with a needle in about the same path as the shocks...... it was not fun, but at least i found out i was not imagining the pain, as a few others had suggested... (not necessarily imagining, but making it out to be more than what it was) . 

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Quoting Julie:

  and there is even a more complicated name for it that I can't remember.

If it's the same as mine, it's call Dequarvaine's Tynosynovitis  LOL  spelling might not be correct, but that's the jist of it.


Vanessa - posted on 01/27/2009




Thanks Ladies...I was getting  worried that I would have to go tot Doctors and have them run all these test, make me pay hundreds in bills, only for them to tell me to rub them down with bengay or something...lol

Appreciate your suggestions...I will look into all you've said...


Julie - posted on 01/27/2009




My girlfriend and I both had this problem. Its so weird. I'm not trying to sell you anything, I promise, but we both drank MonaVie Active blend and it helped SO much. We were both kind of shocked that our wrist pain started to go away from just drinking it.

Another good site for holistic remedies or homeopathy is www.earthclinic.com

Also, I researched it a bit when I had the wrist pain and its not actually carpal tunnel (as I also believed) but its wrist tendonitis, and there is even a more complicated name for it that I can't remember.

I would also get a brace that goes along your wrist and hand and keeps your thumb down. Its hard to wear one taking care of a baby, but at least wear it at night.

And, you might see if you can find someone who sells Mona Vie that you know and try a bottle of the active formula.

If you go to the Dr,they might offer a steroid shot of cortisone, but seeing as you were interested in homeopathic or holistic approaches, I'm betting this isn't an option for you. (wouldn't be for me either)

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I found out i have acute tendonitis in both wrists, thought my right wrist (dominant) is affected worse with it.  I have been told, and tried it for a while but i'm not good at remembering to take pills everyday, but that Osteo-BiFlex with something else in it for joints, works really good, after two weeks of taking it.  It's a little expensive though, $30 just about. 

(Not sure if you call this homeopathic, but it is a more natural way than OTC pain relievers......)

What I use for everyday pains, not just in my wrist but also in every muscle/joint ache is some essential oils......

40 drops Wintergreen EO, 20 drops Peppermint EO, 10 drops Ginger EO, 10 drops Allspice EO,  30 drops Eucalyptus EO, 10 drops Tea-Tree EO,  mixed with 3 oz carrier oil ( i have used Sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, and olive oil). This does not give an 'instant' pain relief, but you will all of a sudden notice it's not hurting as badly. I'm not sure how well it would work for carpal tunnel, but it won't hurt to try. 

It is also good for arthritis aches, a few of my residents love it when I give their achy joints a mini massage with it :)

This mix, i have found, is also good for the soothing/healing of dry/cracked skin! I use it on my hands all the time since I work in a nursing home and am constantly washing my hands.

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Try arnica for any kind of pain and caulophyllum for pain related to birth.  You can also go to abchomeopathy.com and use the remedy finder to get more specific. It's a great website for treating yourself with homeopathics.

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