Parenting Without Parents

This community is for any one who has lost a parent or parents. There are many emotional obsticles to deal with when you are parenting without parents. I hope this community will provide support for everyone coping with loss and grieving. This is also a place to share memories and stories to help keep the spirit of the ones we loved alive.


My Mom

I lost my mom last August. She had been watching my daughters (3 and 5 at the time) and drank on top of her pain medication. She drowned with them in the pool with her. I said...



My name is Rachael I have two amazing beautiful babies (well one is 2 1/2). I lost my mom when I was 17 years old, and was the one to find and try to revive her. Raising my...



I find myself getting jeleous when I see my friends having such close relationships with their moms especiall when their mom's are close with their kids. I really wish my kids...


I Never Got to Say... book project

Five days before the birth of my daughter, on May 12, 2008 I found my mother dead from a heart attack. My mother never got the chance to meet her only grandchild. The suddenness...



It is 3 days away from the 8th anniversary of my mom's death (February 10). I think this year the day will be better. I still allow myself one day to lock myself in the bathroom...