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Parents of children with Spina Bifida

If you are parents or reliatives or friends of someone who parents a child with spina bifida , come in and share your experience and emotionaly struggles with all of us ! Don't forget to meet new friends!


Spina Bifida Mom

Hey everyone my name is Eileen. I am the mother of a 12 yo lil girl with sb....would love to chat with anyone to share stories never have been on a site like this.


Spina Bifida Experiences

I have a GORGEOUS, happy 2 1/2 year old who was diagnosed with myelomenigecil at 17 weeks gestation. We don't know a single sole with spina bifida and are looking to talk to...


Janice's Story

The whole pregnancy I was told nothing was wrong then on September 15th 2009 I gave birth to a baby girl. The doctors like the word "unique" when it comes to her case. She has...


bowel incontinence?

hi new t dis! i have a lil girl Kori whos 5 & 1/2.shes urinary incontenent but we dont no yet if shes bowel incontienent at d mo im tryin t regulate her bowels using linceeds...



my name is sonia . i am mom to saffron who is 2 1/2 yeas old . saff is sort of L4ish...never can get a definitive answer on that. she had surgery 22 hours after birth to close...