Parents of kids with blood disorders

I'm organizing this group as a support system for parent's of children diagnosed with blood disorders. My son has Neutropenia and often times I feel like I just don't understand what's going on and that the doctor's aren't able to give me any clear answers or solutions.


Autoimmune neutropenia

My daughter was just diagnosed with Autoimmune Neutropenia and I happened upon this site. It is nice to read what other people have gone through and what I may be able to expect.



My daughter is starting blood studies on Jan 2, 2012 due to a recent diagnosis of Neutropenia. We are not sure at this time what kind she has and I, in fact, had never heard...


Factor V Leiden

My daughter and I both are carriers of this gene. She is 7. Im here to share what I know and to receive some things that others may know.


My child and me

I have a 7year old girl, who has a factor 11 deficency and my self, would like meet some other parents in the same boat and find out their experiences aswell. Dee x