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Parents of Leap Year Babies

If your baby was born on February 29th, then this group is for you! Share stories of Leap Year celebrations and get help planning yours!


Leap Year baby 2012!

My beautiful Daughter was born at 5:02 am Feb 29th! What a great day! Anyone else out there have 2012 leap year babies ??


2 leapsters

I just stumbled upon this site and am giddy. I have 2 children born on leap day 4 years apart. 2000 and 2004.


I am a leap year baby...

For what it's worth... I was born on Leap Day 37 years ago, and to this day I still get excited when a "real" birthday comes along! Many people have acted like they felt...


Leap Year celebrations

Hi when I was in labour with my little boy born at 11.15pm 29/02/08 (just scraping in there lol) the peadiatrician who came down to assist said that he thought there was a big...



So, when is everyone celebrating their little one's birthday? I think we are going to do the 28th for our's (Maxx). Hubby did want Mar 1 since it is the day after the 28 and...


One day later...

My son was born in a leap year...although he missed it by one day. I was however in labor on the 29th!



Hi, fellow moms! My sweet pea, Daphne, is a leaper or leapling, too! We're glad to be a part of this!


Hi im New

Hi there I am a SAHM of 3 gorgeous children. aged between 7-5 months. my middle child turning 5 yrs tomorrow and my son is 7 in dec so was easier to put 7 down now. And am...


Woo Woo! Almost walking!

My leap year baby is a big one- he's pretty tall. I'm 6' tall and his daddy is 6'3 so he's already pretty tall and on the road to walkin around! What is the diet of every Leap...