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I married very young at 18.
My 19 yr old husband was constantly attempting sucide, getting drunk, or arrested. I loved him very much but boy was I over my head. I never sought out help. One because I didn't know there was such help, the process, embarrassed and I was busy raising our 4 kids. When I was 28 I became a widow. He hung himself . For the last 10 years I been juggling raising the kids by myself. Things were " ok" until they reached the teen yrs. juggling behaviors, cutting, drugs,drinking, boys, impulse control, stealing, run aways, lying, in patient, out patient etc...I've lost jobs, friends, dates, family, and currently I'm looking at losing my apartment etc ... I'm broke and can't offer anything else as it all gone and BEYOND tired... No money no resources no family no friends no energy. I can't keep at this pase.. 3 of my children have had attempts in the last 4 years. Multiple attempts.. in and out trouble... we go we tell our story, we play with medication for awhile, and the pattern repeats itself... Medication don't work, stress gets high and it starts all appointments... Crisis... I had CPS involvement and up until recently..... The only thing they offer is counseling.They still are only offering counseling... For the last 20 years I had more crisis in my life then I care to admit... I'm tired. When will this stop? .& at what point to I become the enabler because I'm always there? At what point can I say hey... This is not healthy for either or of us and I'm going. I gave all I can give. I'm drowning! I'm sorry I can't be your support. God forbid if anything did happen. I wouldn't be able to forgive myself but this circle is


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It definitely seems as though you have gone through more than some will go through in a lifetime. You say you don’t have any friends, family, resources, etc but God has been with you through it all. Brighter days are ahead. Everyday gets you closer to that peace you long for. I know you are doing the best you can with what you have. Don’t give up hope that it will not always be like this. Have you reached out for help through local churches, sometimes they are good resources. Counseling may seem to be pointless but I definitely think you should continue. Trust God to be your help and your provider in this season of your life. He will truly supply all your needs if you believe in him. He continues to be my support each and every day. I will keep you and your children in prayer.

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