Partners In Time Bedrest Support Services

I created this group for mom's- to -be who are experiencing difficult pregnancies and are on some level of bedrest. After spending 230+ days on bedrest myself in 1999-2000, with multiple complications throughout the pregnancy, I was finally able to see the fruit of my labor on June 23, 2000 and bring my healthy baby home within 2 days. As a mom and registered nurse, it's my wish that through this community, women will find a "buddy" who may be experiencing the same issues in their pregnancy and be able to rely on each other for strength and support during a very stressful and sometimes scary course of events. Feel free to write on my wall if you need support or just want to "vent" over the loss of control you forfeit when you become semi-permanently horizontal. Best wishes to all you upcoming moms who are not yet seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. . . it's there. . you'll see it when it's time! Stay down, I know you can do it!! This group is open to anyone who is currently experiencing some level of bedrest, or to mom's who have "been there" and can offer support to others "doing the time".



Hi there. i am not on technical "bedrest", but i am 35 weeks and 3 days, and was told i could not work about a week and half ago. I had to have a kidney stent put in for...


Meal Planning

Have any of you on bedrest thought about the strip mall places that have the meal planning services? They did not have these when I was on bedrest, but I would bet that if you...