Husbands job! Lonely?

Joanne - posted on 10/02/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My husband is a taxi driver and i don't drive - therefore he is home all day mon - fri and working all weekend. So i spend my time with him in the week and at the weekend when he is working i am stuck in the house. Does anyone else find themselves getting lonely due to their partners job?


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Midah - posted on 08/28/2017




Hi. Count yourself lucky. Mine literally drives 24/7. He's a taxi driver too. I go out in the morning before he wakes up and comes home when he is still earning his income out there. Even weekends, I hardly see him. Honestly, it's really affecting our marriage. My advice for you, do spend your weekends shopping or do volunteering work to occupy your weekends. Cherish your weekdays with him.

Charlotte - posted on 10/23/2010




Me! My man works making solar pannels and it's shift work. Every other week he works 6am til 2pm 6 days a week and the other weekhe works 2pm tim 10pm and it takes him an hour to get to work. Add to that his 5hrs or so for his kung fu sessions and you get the picture! Not to mention the fact he's a mommy's boy and my MIL live 10 mins away! I never get any quality time alone with my man! And I'm starting to feel like a single mom!

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